Where would we be without our pets during quarantine? Now is the perfect time to give back and pamper your furry friends with nutritious meals, durable toys, and a trip to the spa at Pet Place Market Anacortes.  

Chris Creighton and his partner Amy Hawkins opened their Anacortes pet store in 2019, a few years after Creighton acquired Pet Place Market North Bendwhich originally opened in 2007. The couple shares a passion for community, small businesses, and fostering meaningful connections with people and pets. 

Their dedication to wellness and nutrition is what drew in their store manager, Rebecca Wentworth, who specializes in nutrition with almost 12 years of experience in the pet industry.  

“Animals have always been a passion of mine, and being able to make sure that they’re getting healthy food and healthy toys, good sturdy things… makes it even better!” says Wentworth, who has three cats and a dog. “We don’t bring products in without actually researching them.” 

Pet Place Market carries a wide selection of natural, holistic, and high-quality foods for cats and dogs and Washington-made treats like Wet Noses Organic Turkey Jerky from Monroe and Himalayan Dog Chews from Mukilteo. When it comes to toys, gear, and supplies, they stock durable products from trusted brands like Ruffwear and RC Pet Products.  

Their self-wash service is for pups of all shapes and sizes. A staff member preps and cleans the station and provides basic grooming tools such as brushes, combs, ear cleaners, nail clippers,, and nail files. They also offer tips to ensure your dog leaves feeling cleansed, pampered, and refreshed.  

“Instead of hunching over your bathtub or using the cold water outside from your hose, you’re in a clean room with an elevated tub,” Wentworth says. “It has pre-set water temperatures, and we provide the shampoos, towels, and we have an air blower at every tub.”  

Due to COVID-19, Pet Place Market is open with limited capacity and self-wash reservations by email. Shop on their website for curbside pick-up, local delivery, or U.S. shipping.  

“It was really nice when we got to open up again and we got to see our dog friends finally come in — of course their owners too — but you know how it is with dogs. Dogs are important.” 912 Commercial Ave., Anacortes, 360.755.6534, petplacemarket.com 

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