Addies Angus Ranch

Driving up the winding, country path that is Rector Road in Mount Vernon, you’ll find Addies Angus Ranch, a supplier of grass-fed Angus beef. The small, family business is run by Nikki Lewis-LeSourd, who grew up riding horses, but now spends her days raising between 20 and 60 cows on this 30-acre plot of land. With help from her two children—Jeremiah, 7, and Leilah, 3— she sells burgers and steak to anyone who wants fresh cuts of meat. She named the business after her father, whose last name is Addie.

For Lewis LeSourd, it is all about knowing where her food comes from. She never cared about eating local until she was pregnant with her son. “What I was putting in my body became very important,” she says. That is when she decided to raise her own beef, eliminating the mystery that comes with grocery-store meat. Soon, friends began asking to buy from her and a business emerged. Some people buy a little bit at a time and some fill their whole freezer, she says. No matter how much you need, Lewis-LeSourd offers free delivery. She will load your order in the back of her truck and meet you at home or wherever is most convenient. Island residents should give her a call and she will work around the ferry schedule.

Ground beef ($6 per pound) is most popular during the summer and can be used for anything from burgers to tacos. “Everyone can cook ground beef,” Lewis-LeSourd says. Or, you can buy it pre-packaged as burgers ($7.25 per pound). If you’re feeling more like steak, treat yourself to the prime rib ($17.99 per pound). For a heartier cut, opt for a chuck roast ($6.99 per pound).

Lewis-LeSourd’s cows appear happy and healthy. By keeping the herd small, she maintains the highest quality of life for them and the best taste later on. From the beginning, she knew having compassion for these animals was important. She has seen large farms where the cows are dirty and starving. “There’s no way that doesn’t impact the taste,” she says. Above all, she is proud to provide meat to the community and hopes people will support small farms over big-name grocery stores. “When you live in this area, you kind of have no excuse not to,” she says.

13449 Rector Rd., Mount Vernon
360.399.9213 |

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"For Lewis LeSourd, it is all about knowing where her food comes from."