My Garden Nursery offers patrons so much more than plants.
From events like the Summer Solstice Soirée and their
holiday Ugly Sweater Party, the nursery is about more than
just planting and sowing. Customers also get excellent
plant advice straight from owners Jenny Gunderson and
Bill Raynolds, making My Garden Nursery the go-to
garden spot from beginners to experts, and every skill
level in-between. Recently, the store has relocated from
their Mill Creek location to Bakerview road in
Bellingham. “The word fun is in our mission statement,”
Gunderson said. “We want people to feel good when they
come in here.” They opened their shop at the new location
last April. From completely empty, to full in a mere
six weeks, Gunderson and Raynolds now plan on cultivating
neighbors and fostering lasting relationships.


The name says garden shop, but the vibe says park.


Gunderson spent her life working at hardware and drugstores
and eventually landed at Molbak’s Nursery. It’s there that she
met Raynolds, a man who had just recently relocated from the
east coast and wanted a fresh start after a career in
investment banking. Raynolds, who began gardening as a means
to pay for prep school, was hired. “I hired him because he was
tall,” Gunderson said. The two would talk and fantasize about
opening a nursery of their very own. It wasn’t until 2006
that their plans would come to fruition. My Garden Nursery
was opened in Mill Creek, and the two spent years cultivating
friendships with customers who soon became close friends.


Annuals, perennials, organic herbs, veggies, and everything
needed to take care of any gardening needs. Plants are kept
on color-coordinated tables, offering newbies an easy way
to find the perfect plant. Aside from plants, herbs, garden
art, gifts—and even european soap—My Garden Nursery
offers patrons advice on how to care for them and what
plant would work best for each customer’s particular
lifestyle. Raynolds said he does his best to be honest with
and steer new customers toward plants that require less
effort and may be easily cared for. “If you fail, just try
something else,” Raynolds said. “We’re here to help everybody.”


Gunderson, who is in charge of purchasing for the nursery,
says she has to be madly in love with the product in order
for her to buy it, pointing out her love for everything
within the store. The pair, however, did mention some
favorites: perennials—plants that live for longer than two
years—were noted. “First year they sleep. Second year they
creep, and third year they leap,” Gunderson said. She also
noted another favorite of hers, heuchera, also known as
Alumroot. Gunderson said she wrote about the perennial
every day for 365 days. The same dedication shown for her
favorite plant is evident in the kind of dedication she
has for both gnomes and customers.

929 E Bakerview Rd, Bellingham

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"We want people to feel good when they come in here."