Whether you’re perfecting a Halloween costume, building a cosplay from scratch, or looking for one-of-a-kind gifts, we recommend paying a visit to Mo’s Parlor. The shop is one of the nerdiest spots in Downtown Bellingham, offering everything from cosplay accessories to jewelry and even cosmetics– but perhaps the most unique thing about Mo’s Parlor is Mo herself.  

Owner Monique Green began working as a foamsmith in 2016, making props for films, music videos, and cosplay. Since then, she’s also ventured into cosmetics, resin-casting, and jewelry-making. Green has now traveled everywhere from Japan to Barbados for cosplay competitions and meet-and-greets, and she even takes commissions for custom cosplays and Halloween costumes. 

Photo by Cocoa Laney

Mo’s Parlor opened as a brick-and-mortar in December 2021, and the shop features both Green’s own creations as well as other products made by women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people of color (POC). At the end of the day, Green is driven by the belief that all bodies deserve to be in cosplay– and, when it comes to creative costumes, the sky is truly the limit. 

“The ‘imagination creation station’ is my tagline, so I can make anything anyone thinks of,” Green says. “It takes about eight to 10 hours for me to make something. I charge $25 an hour for my time and then a 15% shop tax for the little things like glue.” 

To complement her skill set, Green has collaborated with a seamstress on costume commissions since 2018. The two of them create cosplays year-round and usually begin taking Halloween orders in August. 

Photo courtesy of Mo’s Parlor

“I love making swords,” Green says. “I also love working with Karianne, my seamstress, combining foam and fabric together. We just did a Xena [Warrior Princess] cosplay order last year, and that was our first time making a leather corset. It turned out great.” 

Green also cites Shredder from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” as one of her personal favorite cosplay creations, noting that a helmet she created for the character is on display in the store. She’s also currently working on a “big armor piece” for a cosplay inspired by the anime “Overlord.” 

Photo courtesy of Mo’s Parlor

But beyond props and costumes, Green creates her own beauty products for both cosplay and day-to-day use. From skincare to hair products, sunscreen, mustache wax, and more, everything is made from all-natural ingredients and with POC in mind.  

“I found out that a lot of products that I’ve been using growing up were not made by Black people, but were for Black people,” Green says. “So that’s my whole thing here. Everything I make is for POC first– and so it works for everybody.” 

Photo by Cocoa Laney

This October marks Green’s first Halloween in her brick-and-mortar, and to celebrate spooky season, she’ll be stocking the shop with costume accessories like horns, gloves, and nails. But even if you’re not dressing up, Green invites the community to stop in and hang out for a while. Green herself is a staple on Commercial Street, and Mo’s Parlor functions as both a shop and a social hub.  

“It’s just a super safe space for queer people and POC, so it’s been really great having the regulars come in and be able to vibe” Green says. “We’re always gonna be doing cool stuff, and I’m always down for questions and ready to help for Halloween– that’s my favorite.”

Mo’s Top Tips for Halloween

  • Get creative with store-bought costumes. If you want to go the extra mile, don’t be afraid of paint, glitter, or even adding wear-and-tear to premade pieces.  
  • The best part about DIY is that there are no rules! “There’s no ‘wrong way’ to do something as long as you get the outcome,” Green says.  
  • If your costume requires unusual makeup, chances are high that Green makes the kooky colors you need. “I wanted to create a line of lip colors that just had every color in it possible,” she says. “Everything’s all-natural, so there’s not any crazy chemicals in there.” 
  • Need guidance? Green is happy to answer questions, and she offers consultations to those looking to dive into DIY. Consultations cover the materials, the tools, and anything else you might need to bring a fantasy look to life. 

1305 Commercial St., Bellingham, 360.820.0476, mosparlor.com