Surroundings Home, Gift, and Garden

1758 Front St., Ste. 104, Lynden
360.354.3101 |


In the Fairway Center shopping plaza in Lynden, two doors down from the iconic windmill that houses Woods Coffee, you’ll find Surroundings Home, Gift, and Garden. If you’re looking for the perfect place to get a head start on your holiday shopping, this is the place. Pick up a warm drink from Woods and stroll down to Surroundings where Christa Warren is happy to help you find the perfect gifts. While I was perusing the shelves and displays, a customer approached me and whispered, “This place is the best. I love it here. They have the best stuff, and [Christa]’s so nice.”


The name Surroundings is perfect for this quaint little store: It’s cozy and warm, much like surrounding yourself with a soft blanket. When you walk in, you’re immediately immersed in good smells from the wall of scented candles for sale. On a sunny day, light pours through the large windows at the front of the store, illuminating all the way to the register at the back.


Shop owner Christa Warren is a proud North Sound local. She graduated with an art degree from WWU before moving to the Seattle area to teach school and work in interior design. Around this time, she and her husband Mark started their family. Christa has dabbled in a range of creative undertakings, from wallpaper hanging to floral design and painting. Mark is a half- time pastor at Christ the King Community Church, and while he doesn’t work at Surroundings, you can sometimes find him stepping in to lend a hand to Christa.


If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to pick up something for others as well as yourself, Surroundings is the perfect place to start. The store sells an array of giftable items including Yankee Candles, jewelry, wall art, garden and yard decor, fashion accessories, wreaths, and so much more. They offer a generous mix of year-round items and seasonal decor, such as fall-themed “welcome” pumpkins.

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"They offer a generous mix of year-round items and seasonal decor, such as fall-themed “welcome” pumpkins. "