The Shop

Most North Ender’s know the charm of strolling along
Snohomish’s First Avenue, and if you haven’t been,
you simply must take a few hours to experience the
delight. Darling seems to be the rule in Snohomish, and
Joyworks fits right in. With seven decked-out windows,
the shop runs three store-lengths wide and contains a
basement level filled with home decor, upcyled finds,
and vintage discoveries — all of which spans more than
5,000 square feet of retail space.

The Atmosphere

Joyworks is anything but boring. Groups of girlfriends
chatter throughout the store, grandmothers can be seen
spoiling granddaughters, and shoppers flying solo can
be found browsing the wares. All bop along to upbeat
music. The amount of items and treasures to look at
and take in can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but
the sounds of conversation and laughter are comforting
and relaxing as you shop. Nothing feels rushed, and
employees still write receipts by hand.

Key People

Joyworks originally began in 1979 with Clarice
Johnson and a couple of her friends who specialized
in dried flowers and dough art. When Clarice’s baby
bump began to show in the school classroom where
she taught, she knew she needed to make a career
change. “You weren’t allowed in the classroom when
you started showing,” she said of teachers in rural
classrooms like hers during the ’70s. “I didn’t feel like
a woman entrepreneur, I just needed something else to
do, and this was fun.”

Over the years, Joyworks has received many makeovers
and expansions with each passing decade, progressing
from country store to handmade goods to the purveyor
of vintage chic home decor and stylish clothing items
you’ll find today. Clarice’s daughter, Jana Johnson
Label, joined Joyworks in the early ’90s and together
they run the shop. In keeping with the family tradition,
Clarice’s other daughter, Amy Beck opened an online
clothing boutique called

What You’ll Find

“A little bit of everything,” one employee jovially said
from across the room, and that’s seemingly the truth.
Vignettes, which are categorized by color and theme,
occupy the lower level. You’ll find rustic cottage and
vintage-inspired home decor in a mercantile-like
setting. Upstairs, you’ll discover a whole room of
boho chic clothing for women, mainly casual finds,
but cocktail dresses are sprinkled throughout. On the
other end of the upper level, you’ll be delighted by a
considerable display of paper products, from cards to
wrapping paper, craft paper, and more. You will also
find gift items like soaps and jewelry, as well as baby
clothes and accessories. Like the employee said, a little
bit of everything, with deliveries of new items everyday.

Owner’s Favorites

Both Janice and Clarice love the clothing lines and
home decor. So, really everything in the store, but
they both agreed that Christmas at Joyworks is their
favorite season, as they go bananas with creative
displays, more than 20 themed trees, and over-the-top
window dressings.

1002 1st Street, Snohomish

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"Darling seems to be the rule in Snohomish, and Joyworks fits right in."