Watch as a slender cigarette boat cuts a brilliant path across the Atlantic leaving a trail of frothy sea foam in its wake. At the bow, a smartly dressed, sunglasses-clad couple laughs and cavorts, while a man in a navy blue blazer steers Baker’s Boat. The scene is awash in the turquoise haze of vintage film. This is the sun-kissed video loop on the splash page of Ted Baker’s website for U.S. customers. It is emblematic of Ted Baker London bringing “six star style” across the pond. Break out the bone china and bake some tasty scones, the British are coming!

The British Invasion happened in March—just in time for Seattleites to start singing “Here Comes the Sun”—as the luxury-clothing brand opened its store at Bellevue Square, introducing Ted Baker’s Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear, menswear, and accessories to the Pacific Northwest. The sun-soaked collection recalls the 1960s. Retro-inspired advertisements entice with all the elegant charms of an idyllic summer holiday spent waltzing along the promenade at the Strawberry Islands. Gorgeous prints abound in a variety  of styles and stripes, as do classic silhouettes for both him and her. From dapper crew neck knit sweaters and collared t-shirts in mustard, a color which feels both classic and contemporary, to crisp white dresses with splashes of green floral and checkered patterns paired with structured coats and mod, red sunglasses, these are ensembles worthy of Don and Betty Draper. A lifestyle brand that reflects traditional and contemporary influences, the store’s offerings also include bags, active wear, audio, and home fragrances.

The 2,965-square foot store is inspired by a “high tea” party, which is meant as a nod to the Pacific Northwest’s love of coffee. The decor features pastel tones of pink, blue, and mint, and includes a wall of framed lace doilies, artful arrangements of teaspoons, elegant silver tea services fixed to walls, and tiered cake-stand light fixtures suspended, as if they were edible chandeliers, from the ceiling. Near the cash desk, a delectable collection of knitted cakes and sandwiches, including such classics as egg and cress sandwiches and bourbon biscuits, displayed on vintage wood trays are sure to tempt your appetite.

Ted Baker London is known internationally for its stylish, sophisticated clothing marked by detail, beautiful designs, and high-quality fabrics, and finishes. The brand has earned a reputation for exemplary customer service and good humor. The international retailer now has more than 34 locations in the U.S., with the nearest West coast location in San Francisco, and it plans to open an additional five stores in North America this year, including two in New York and three in Canada. If you find yourself mourning the finale of Downton Abbey, then Ted Baker London promises to be the best place for stylish Anglophiles to shop away their sorrows. You might be sad, but at least you’ll be well-dressed. Pip, pip, cheerio