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Pearl Buttons Vintage Style in Anacortes sells old Hollywood glamour. The ultra-feminine clothing store is decorated with feathers, drop crystal chandeliers, and ruffled tablecloths. The lovely turn-of-the-century-style dressing rooms are complete with plush seats and dressing tables. Don’t be fooled by the name though, their inventory consists of new products in vintage style, not vintage pieces.


As a woman, walking into Pearl Buttons makes you feel like you have permission to indulge yourself in something beautiful. Staffers go out of their way to provide such a one-on-one shopping experience that they’ve garnered a loyal following, including annual tourists.


Jackie Knapp, has owned Pearl Buttons for five years. Knapp also owned a store in La Conner in the early 1990s and used to run Island Chicks, a vintage market. She has a background in graphic design and explained her drive to work in retail is “part of that artistic expression.”

Her husband, Duane Knapp specializes in brand strategy. He helped develop the store’s brand, and put in place their focus on hospitality. Jackie believes in paying it forward and tries to do something kind for her customers everyday whether that be free chocolate samples, champagne on busy Saturdays, and even gifting items to customers. She strives to give individualized attention to every patron and empowers her employees, the Pearlistas, to do the same.

In December 2014 Knapp hired Talyn Budnik. Since then Budnik, who has a fashion degree, has become the store’s stylist and Knapp’s right hand. Gregarious Budnik enjoys putting outfits together and the one-on-one interaction with customers, “If my customer leaves smiling, I know I did my job,” she says.


Pearl Buttons is first and foremost a clothing store, but they stock plenty of gift-ready and pampering items such as fragrances, lotions, foaming bath liquids, and even locally made Beach Castle Sweets Chocolates. As for clothing, expect a variety of prints and layered outfits made with the prettiest fabrics: detailed lace, gauzy chiffon, silk, organza, and plenty of pieces detailed with tiny pleats, appliqués, and ruffles. The bridal corner is teeming with cream, white, and ivory-colored dresses. Accessorize with glittery, long necklaces, or dainty bracelets. Try on a Holly Golightly-inspired wide brimmed hat, and don’t forget some pretty lace underthings to tie an outfit together.

OWNER’S FAVORITE With the inventory theme changing seasonally, Knapp dedicates a lot of time to choosing the best pieces. She loves every item—after all, she only stocks what she likes. Staffers are encouraged to wear the clothes, because, as Budnik explains, “Women come in and want to see how we’re putting things together.” The Pearlistas seem to enjoy wearing the clothing, each translating the various pieces into their individual styles, which offers customers a glimpse into the myriad of looks possible with a single item.

904 Commercial Ave., Anacortes



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"Staffers go out of their way to provide such a one-on-one shopping experience that they've garnered a loyal following"