Vintage chic for the home, trendy accessories for you

THE SHOP. The theme, old to new, flows throughout Grandiflora. Named after the popular magnolia gardens that existed in Lynden’s past, Grandiflora opened its doors in 2000, becoming a premier home decor store. The importance of history and culture is etched into the mural depicting Lynden’s discovery on the brick of the building. Nothing inside feels like a box store. Vintage furniture helps give the merchandise an antique feel, while the merchandise gives the furniture a fresh, repurposed display. Grandiflora’s philosophy flourishes throughout the store, leaving customers with an appreciation for the past and the present.

ATMOSPHERE. Rustic, cozy and tasteful

KEY PEOPLE. The business was started by three sisters: Trisha Brink, LaVon Vander Werff and Carrie Visser, and their mother Jan Stremler. Now, the business is run by Trisha and LaVon, who operate different portions. Trisha is primarily responsible for behind-the-scenes operations while her sister LaVon is the visual merchandiser. Their father and landlord is a huge inspiration and blessing for the sisters. He helped them take something more than 100 years old, the Masonic Hall, and renovate into their new shop.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND. Classy home decor, jewelry and accessories, scarves, vintage furniture, purses and the best seasonal decor in the area. Their fall and winter collections offer distinct variety and a plethora of choices. Trisha says she orders limited quantities, so customers know what they are getting is fairly unique.

OWNER’S FAVORITE. Whether it be Bellingham, Lynden,Ferndale or Langely, B. C., Grandiflora has a sign that represents each city. Another
favorite: Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan is aunique paint carried by Grandiflora that comes in 30 different colors. It is made for painting furniture, floors or giving a wall a matt, velvety finish, without the need for a primer. Anything that has been repurposed with a new spin is always appreciated by the owners of Grandiflora.

Grandiflora • 719 Grover St. • Lynden • 360.318.8854 • Mon – Sat: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Sun: closed

"Classy home decor, jewelry and accessories, scarves, vintage furniture, purses and the best seasonal decor in the area."