Katie Trent and Sarah Rorvig are, respectively, the CEO and Salon Director of Gene Juarez Salons and Spas. The company strives to provide expert treatments, superior products, and a sustainable approach to the beauty industry. In August 2023 they opened a new branch in Bellingham, and they’re excited to join the city’s business network and support local events to help the community thrive.

What services are offered at Gene Juarez Salons & Spas?

We offer a range of hair and spa services tailored to make each guest feel beautiful and pampered. Our hair services include color, highlights and blonding, styling, retexturizing, and specialty treatments that are customized to each individual’s hair type. Our spa services include luxurious facials and peels, brow and lash shaping and tints, and hair removal.

What is the company looking to accomplish in terms of beauty and environmentalism?

The beauty industry is notoriously wasteful, producing an estimated 877 pounds of waste every minute. In addition to our beauty waste recycling partnership with Green Circle Salons (with recycling transport offset with carbon credits), we continuously review our tools and retail to find sustainable swaps. Recently, for example, we discontinued using paraffin wax in plastic bags during nail and skincare services and switched to biodegradable collagen gloves.

How has your commitment to sustainability and partnership with Green Circle Salons affected the company as a whole and the communities you work with?

Overall, our partnership with Green Circle Salons has led to reduced environmental impact and positive community engagement, and it demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility. We reduce our carbon footprint through recycling and properly disposing of salon waste materials, such as hair clippings, foils, and chemicals. Green Circle Salons then ensures the safe disposal of hazardous chemicals and repurposes the other materials. For example, excess hair clippings can be fabricated into sustainable plastics or used to create hair booms to aid in oil spill cleanup.

How is Gene Juarez different from other salons and spas?

Gene Juarez built the company on a culture of service, education, and mentorship. Gene Juarez is unique in providing a platform for artists and therapists to grow in a supportive environment, ultimately graduating into mentorship. We routinely offer advanced and continuing training to our team, ensuring we stay up to date with trends and techniques. Many of our employees go on to open successful businesses of their own, or to work in high-profile jobs in media and entertainment. We are proud of our wide reach and legacy in the industry.

Additionally, because we have several locations and a loyal guest following, we are able to provide solid jobs with a full suite of benefits and retirement to our team. That’s rare in our industry. We are proud to be a place where folks can build a career, and not just have a job