While on a trip in Europe, the children of co-founder and chief executive officer of Pip Squeak, Jessica Dubek, were gifted shirts that squeaked. Although the kids got a kick from the interactive clothing, Dubek had concerns regarding the quality of the material. 

“As they wore them, [the shirts] started to rub their necks from the tags, itch their sides from the seams, and that is when I noticed the shirts were not kid-friendly,” Dubek says. “After further examination and research, they were not eco-friendly either.” 

Inspired to bring a mother-approved version to the U.S., Dubek collaborated with fellow mother, co-founder, and chief design officer, Jessica Hudson, to create a gender-neutral, sensory shirt that was made of natural, soft-to-the-touch fabrics. 

This summer, Pip Squeak launched their online store to sell shirts and onesies made from 100% organic cotton. The squeaky shapes are made from 100% pre-shrunk wool. The squeaker, intentionally placed on the chest for easy accessibility, is a simple way to add fun to your child’s day. Items are designed in Bow and put together in Bellingham.  

Since its development, Pip Squeak’s main focus is to be all-inclusive. They draw design ideas from their own children’s interests that defied gender stereotypes. Dubek’s daughter, Hana, loves construction vehicles and dirt while Hudson’s son, Leo, loves all colors. 

“It seems so odd in our society that everything is so gender-specific,” Hudson says. “As soon as I started making the shirts and doing all the cuts, I would let [my son] pick out the colors, and he really gravitates towards purple and even used notes of pink. We really wanted to make something that doesn’t need to be either boy or girl.” 

Items from Pip Squeak use colors regardless of their gender connotation and employ images adored by all children. The result is clothing that can be enjoyed by any child, whether they identify as male, female, or non-binary. 

You can expect a new line of clothing every season with styles, colors, and images to match. This winter, you’ll find long-sleeve organic cotton shirts with squeaky trees, deer, and stars in various colors. 

“These shirts are meant to bring joy and the spark of imagination,” Dubek says. “A simple squeak can start a conversation or bring a smile to someone’s face. This is what we strive for – squeak away!” 

Check out their new winter line at mypipsqueak.com.