What are some of your favorite colors for this summer? 

I have been obsessed with all pastel colors! Especially lavender and sage green. Both are very popular colors this year. You also can never go wrong with yellow for summer!  

What kind of styles? 

I love dresses that are flowy and have movement! I also love a romper for summer because it looks like a dress, but it has shorts and is so easy to run around in! I also love all of the milkmaid tops that are in for summer. 

You recently opened an online clothing shop, Darlin Ann Boutique. What are some of the brands you carry, and why did you choose them?  

Yes, I did! A few brands I carry are By Together, Blu Pepper, and &Merci — those are just a few, and we are always getting new ones in! I chose them because they are all quality brands I already wore and loved!  

What’s the overall fashion philosophy behind Darlin Ann? 

First and foremost, we are all about carrying a wide range of sizes so that a variety of people can shop. Right now we carry sizes small through 2x, and I am always working on expanding that! I think everyone deserves to have cute clothes. I really wanted to bring my personal style into the items we have at the boutique, so Darlin Ann is all about feminine pieces that bring you joy.[Text Wrapping Break] 

If you had to put together a favorite outfit from your store, what would it be?  

This might be cheating, but any dress we have! I love that dresses are one whole ready-to-go outfit. They look so good and perfect for summer! I also love how you can move in dresses. They are just so perfect for any occasion! 

As we look ahead to fall, what are some trends you’re most excited about?  

I love the colors of fall! All the warm browns and more muted tones … I’m excited to start getting those into the boutique! I also am looking forward to styling more dresses for fall. I love showing women how they can still dress feminine even in the cooler months!