The Shop

Parents and caregivers to little ones in Bellingham can trust Minted Method to have stylish, carefully sourced, and durable products that will keep up with life’s thrills and spills.

While this storefront only opened in Fairhaven in August 2022, Minted Method has been a bustling online business for more than six years, creating and curating well-made clothes for children ages 0–12. Owner Sasha May started the business when she realized that the children’s clothing landscape in the U.S. didn’t live up to her wants and needs.

“When I had my first baby, it was hard for me to find cute boy clothes,” she says. “Six years ago [it] was very much primary colors and trucks and onesies with lobsters, stuff like that. Back then, monochrome [and] black and white stuff was impossible to find.”

Photograph by Cassie Van Boven Photography

What You’ll Find

At Minted Method you’ll find the high-quality international brands May found herself purchasing for her own kids, but you don’t have to pay for world-wide shipping. There are also American brands like Orcas Lucille (based out of Washington) and Port 213, who fill out the store’s selection with on-trend clothes for older kids. May also creates her own pieces under the Minted Method label.

There’s everything from onesies to school clothes, and from resort wear to cold-weather teddy jackets. The colors trend toward neutrals or muted tones, giving a calming and stylish vibe, and have the added benefit of sustainability thanks to being gender-neutral and endlessly mix-and-matchable.

“It does make sense when you’re wanting to buy higher quality items,” says May. “If I wanted to go buy something … I’m picking a neutral color in case the next kid wants to wear it.”

You can also pick up swaddling and bed muslins, silicone teethers and dishes, beanies and caps, some jewelry and accessories, and even some apparel for parents! 

Photograph by Cassie Van Boven Photography

The Atmosphere

After plentiful renovations to the space, May’s physical store reflects the nature of her brand as a whole. Elevated and practical, but still playful and fun! 

The extra-tall windows and light color palette make everything feel airy and lifted. There’s a squishy brown leather couch where shoppers can steal a few minutes of relaxation, and most delightfully, a little picnic table with coloring pages for kids to play at while their parents shop.

Photograph by Cassie Van Boven Photography

Key People

May is heavily invested in taking a stand for the ethicality of brands she carries and against fast fashion, so the humans behind each garment she carries are extremely important.

“Mom-owned, small businesses … a lot of my stuff is made in L.A.,” she says, describing her stock. “I vet every manufacturer and make sure there’s no sweatshops, all the workers are being paid fairly, treated fairly.”

While May handles a ton of the business on her own, she has a social media manager that she sings the praises of (and with good reason, judging by Minted Method’s 98,000+ followers on Instagram). She’s also recently been able to hire a local teen to help out in the shop!

Favorite Things

One of May’s favorite brands in the store is Bobby G, an Australian kids’ clothing company that produces organic cotton-blend clothes with “simple, minimal” designs. They create her collection of resort wear, which includes terry-cloth rompers and tees for days by the pool.

She’s also stocking up on bamboo fabric rompers and clothes, which can’t be beat for swoonable softness.

Keep an eye on Minted Method’s shifting collection via her website or her Instagram @mintedmethod. 910 Harris Ave., Ste. 107, Bellingham, 360.302.7137,


"Parents and caregivers to little ones in Bellingham can trust Minted Method to have stylish, carefully sourced, and durable products that will keep up with life’s thrills and spills. "