Step into this local boutique and art gallery to find yourself transported into a world dreamed up by Owners Christian Carlson and Trina Perry Carlson. With backgrounds in design, the two renovated the historic 1924 Brunet building seven years ago. The remodel created a live-work concept, giving way to a shop and art gallery in the front, and an art studio and living loft in the back. In the heart of downtown Mount Vernon, Perry and Carlson is a multifaceted business that offers customers a beautiful, high quality shopping experience.

“Perry and Carlson was born from a desire to carve out the elusive dream of time and space to create and pursue creative passions,” says the store’s site. The owners have succeeded at this, integrating the concept into every aspect of the shop and gallery.

Trina is a textile artist and self proclaimed “inveterate collector of beautiful things.” This is evident throughout the store’s incorporation of vintage and handmade pieces. Her husband, Christian, is a painter and naturalist. In their gallery he showcases the work of artists, both local and living across the country.

From handcrafted jewelry and chic sustainable style to children’s toys and artisan home goods, Perry and Carlson has it all. Their MAE soy candles, hand-poured in Oregon, are a personal favorite, with one of the candles smelling of lavender, lemon, and black pepper. The shop seeks out intentional, high quality, and responsibly-made items to share with its customers, supporting small businesses and independent artisans.

“It has been a learning experience finding what our customers most resonate with, while allowing room for us to evolve as new things excite us,” says Evan Carlson, Trina and Christian’s daughter and business partner, who joined the team in 2017. “There is so much beauty being created and to get to bring that to our customer base while supporting those makers and artisans has been a delight.”

Just three years ago the business owners decided to bring in a selection of women’s clothing, which has turned out to be a difficult but exciting challenge. Feeling like there were fewer options to shop in person locally and sustainably, they made the leap. Perry and Carlson currently offers two fashion seasons per year, spring-to-summer and fall-to-winter. Their focus homes in on timeless and responsibly-made pieces.

Adjacent to the boutique side of the shop lies the wide open, naturally-lit art gallery. The gallery’s mission is to give artists— both recognized and emerging— a temporary home where their work can thrive and express a perspective that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. The space was designed to reflect the couple’s favorite galleries in New York and London. Typically singular artists are showcased through each month, with the occasional exception of a group exhibit.

The enthusiasm and dedication Perry and Carlson has for their customers is reflected in the beauty and warmth illuminated at the shop. Intentionally-picked gifts, one-of-a-kind household goods, and thought-provoking art await you, so visit Perry and Carlson for a unique shopping experience.