2020 Solutions


Any preconceived notion you have for how a marijuana retailer should look would probably be dashed when you enter 2020 Solutions on Meridian. The store, one of three 2020 Solutions in Bellingham, is expansive, well-lit, and clean. Merchandise lines the walls that sit behind the counters. Large screens display the menu of marijuana strains currently available, which rotate according to what is in season. “We are more like a farmer’s market than a grocery store,” director Aaron Nelson said.


Unlike some marijuana retailers, 2020 Solutions avoids the “too cool for school” vibe. The store is well-staffed and aims to give each customer a one-on-one experience. “We want to provide an environment where people are comfortable asking questions,” Nelson said. Each staff member wears a professional polo and name tag, making it easy for newcomers to feel at home. Those who are new to pot could easily feel overwhelmed walking into a store like 2020 Solutions. Fortunately, friendly staffers are passionate about informing new users about the seemingly endless options.


The staff at 2020 Solutions is excited about helping customers learn about cannabis for themselves. “The acceptance is definitely growing. We invite people who have no intention of ever using [cannabis] to come into the store just to check it out,” Nelson said. Beyond building relationships with customers, the staff is benefiting from the new cannabis market as well. For people who may have been users throughout their lives, a job at 2020 Solutions provides not only stability but an accepting place to channel a passion, Nelson said.


What won’t you find? Edibles, concentrates, traditional flower, and accessories. The rotating menu displays the numerous types of flower strains in stock. One gram starts at just $4 and doesn’t go above $18 in order to appeal to wide range of users. Topicals and edibles offer options for people who prefer not to smoke the product or who are looking to use it for medical reasons. Edibles range from the classic brownie all the way to infused beverages and sprays. “There is truly something for everyone,” Nelson said. In accordance with state law, all the products are grown in Washington, either in Whatcom County or in the greater state area.


The Flow CBD Deep Tissue and Joint Gel by Fairwinds is a favorite of Nelson and also the store’s number-one topical product. The gel can be used for sore muscles, arthritic joints, and minor strains to relieve pain. Use is simple: Just apply the gel to the tender area like any traditional topical and enjoy the warming sensation in just a few minutes.

2018 Iron St., Bellingham
5655 Guide Meridian, Bellingham
4770 Pacific Highway, Bellingham
360.734.2020 | 2020-solutions.com
"'We are more like a farmer’s market than a grocery store,' director Aaron Nelson said."