The Silvery Moon

1010 Harris Ave., Ste. 102, Bellingham


Nestled in a corner on Harris Avenue in Fairhaven sits The Silvery Moon jewelry shop. The corner entryway opens to glass cases of jewelry. In warm weather, the doors are kept open, filling the shop with fresh air and sunlight that makes the gems sparkle and shine. The walls are lined with paintings done by local artist Mila Faulker, who also works in the hair studio upstairs. Every two feet you’ll find a different style of jewelry, from Navajo turquoise to hand-carved silver, diamond engagement rings, and carved mammoth tooth pendants.



This is not a cookie-cutter jewelry store. In my experience, I’ve found big-name retailers to be dark and intimidating, with salespeople making a pounce upon entry. The Silvery Moon isn’t like that. Large windows in the front fill the store with light. When the doors open and the space fills with fresh air, it’s relaxing and calm. It’s also quiet—no one hounding you about budgets or carats. It’s easy to shop and get lost looking at all the unique items in each case. Owner Russ is knowledgeable about his products and is happy to share the details of any piece. It’s personable and low-pressure, just how jewelry shopping should be.



Russ opened The Silvery Moon in 2001, in the same location where it currently stands. He’s the owner, along with one other employee: Vangie. Russ grew up in the jewelry and gemstone industry after his grandfather started his own business in the 1930s. Growing up, Russ learned about what makes a gemstone special and unique. He genuinely enjoys what he does. “I’m not just here to make sales.”



No two jewelry pieces are alike—and that’s the point. Russ hand-picks everything in The Silvery Moon. His favorites are the sapphires, which come in every color and are the hardest stone. He buys his gems from all over the world, primarily from dealers in Sri Lanka. The stones are all-natural and surprisingly affordable. Because he buys the stones loose, Russ can sell them at a more reasonable cost than other retailers. “Some people buy low to sell high, I buy low to keep it low.”

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"It’s personable and low-pressure, just how jewelry shopping should be."