The Shop

 Looking out onto the waters of Squalicum Harbor is the newly-opened Neeter House of Luxury. Founder and Owner John Neeter opened the business in November of 2022 with the goal of bringing unique and vintage pieces of jewelry and other high-end items, like designer watches, bags, and knives, out of far-off cities like Seattle and L.A. and into Bellingham.

 “[Neeter House of Luxury] is a dream that’s recently become a reality. As an established local jeweler for the last 30 years, I understood the community was lacking this upscale environment,” says Neeter. 

Photo by Katheryn Moran Photography

The Atmosphere 

When you enter the showroom, it’s clear that the space has been renovated to reflect the clean, tasteful, and exciting energy of Neeter’s collection of pieces. White and pale wood patterns make up the backdrop while plenty of bright lights showcase the glittering of the gems all around. People from all walks of life, whether you’re purchasing your first piece of high-end jewelry for $150, or your hundredth for $60,000, are welcomed in. There are plenty of eye-catching things to draw you around the space, which Neeter and his luxury advisor, Sonje Renkert, are happy to help you explore. 

Photo by Katheryn Moran Photography

Key People 

As a luxury advisor, Renkert guides clients to the right pieces. She works with them to understand what they’re looking for, and then uses her expertise to navigate the realm of luxury items. Neeter also fills this role at the store, and even acts as a personal liaison to find special items for his customers. Having been in the local jewelry scene since he was 12 years old and working at his mom’s two stores in Seattle, he has connections and knowledge that make hunting down what you’re looking for possible. “If there’s something that you always wanted, a certain watch, designer handbag, that estate [vintage] bracelet which you cannot find… I’m here for you,” he says. “I love working with my clients.”

Photo by Katheryn Moran Photography

What You’ll Find 

Neeter carries leading jewelry brands like Lashbrook Designs for men, Fana for everything bridal, and AVA Couture for every occasion. You’ll also find more than 100 loose diamonds, up to three carats, as one of their services is to work step by step with you to create your own unique piece. Around the showroom are colored gemstones and fashionable jewelry, Rolex watches, vintage Louis Vuitton bags, a case of nautical themed pieces paying homage to their location on the bay, and a case of precious metals. As a precious metals dealer, Neeter handles platinum, silver, gold, and palladium, and has a few interesting things on display —some particularly shiny golf tees, for instance. And if you’re looking to part ways with your jewelry, watches, or precious metals, Neeter is also happy to take a look at them and might make you an offer.


Photo by Katheryn Moran Photography

 “I am known for fancy shapes,” says Neeter, where the term “fancy” describes any shape of gem that isn’t your typical round. From just a circle, shapes can veer off into ovals, rectangles, pears, hearts, and more. “[Here’s] something that not everybody does, an all emerald-cut diamond bracelet with seven and a half carats. Most of your average jewelry stores… they’re not carrying this product.” Neeter and Renkert are also very excited about their upcoming collection of William Henry folding knives, which are high-end knives made with materials like damascus steel, hand-carved and engraved frames, and inlaid gems. 21 Bellwether Way, Ste. 107, Bellingham, 360.778.1613,