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Victoria, B.C. is a much-loved destination for us western Washingtonians. Just a hop, skip, and jump across the San Juan Islands on the other side of the Salish Sea is this picturesque, Victorian city on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Known for its scenic architecture, gardens, and hikes, Victoria offers a great deal of beauty to those who visit it. But how does one take that beauty with them when they go? Well, by adorning themselves with it, of course.

Meraki Boutique, a local shop located at the base of the clock tower in Victoria’s Uptown Shopping Centre, is the perfect place to shop for locally crafted goods and high quality fashions. Its trendy but unique assortment of goods is something you just can’t find stateside.

Windowed walls encompass the space, giving window shoppers the temptation to do more than just ogle. Upon entering, the high industrial-style ceilings and minimalist décor make the clothes and accessories stand out all the more.

“Our style is classic and timeless, but at the same time unique,” said owner Kylee Weber. “We work with a lot of independent artisans to bring something new and different to our community.”

Meraki carries everything from heels to halters, from pendants to purses, jumpsuits, denim, watches, and more. With an array of brands like Wolf Circus, a women-led jewelry line based in Vancouver, and L’intervalle shoes from Spain, you’ll get the best of both local and international goods here. “Our best sellers are probably denim and outerwear,” Weber said. “But people love the accessories hand-crafted by locals as well.”

This store is Weber’s passion, and named for that fact. In Greek, Meraki means to do something with all of your heart, to put yourself into what you’re doing. It is synonymous with soul, devotion, and meaning. Weber has been in the retail industry for more than 15 years, and Meraki is the culmination of that experience. Her dedication is translated into the beauty of the space and quality of the goods carried here.

Meraki has had a storefront in Uptown since September, 2015. But up until about six months ago, it occupied the space as a pop-up shop, or temporary retail space. This year, Weber finally secured a permanent tenancy for Meraki.

Uptown Shopping Centre is about 15 minutes from downtown Victoria. Strolling through the streets and exploring the shops is a perfect way to spend a June afternoon, after touring Butchart Gardens or exploring Craigdarroch Castle. To get to Victoria, one can take a ferry from either Anacortes or Tsawwassen, just north of the Peace Arch border crossing.

Next time you tour this charming city, try departing from the typical tourist attractions and explore the racks of Meraki.

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109-3671 Uptown Blvd., Victoria, B.C.
778.265.0509 |
"Victoria offers a great deal of beauty to those who visit it. But how does one take that beauty with them when they go? Well, by adorning themselves with it, of course."