THE SHOP Step into the welcoming interior of Bon Séjour Home in Bothell’s Country Village, and you will feel right at home. Stylish comfort suffuses the shop, from the color of the walls, a refreshing robin’s egg blue, to the artful arrangement of decorative tables and shelves, which sport a cheerful assortment of home décor and gifts. Bon Séjour Home fits cozily among the village’s shops, located in a quaintly shingled building beside a charming courtyard that might just as well have a rooster strutting across it as a shopper searching for the perfect gift.

ATMOSPHERE Bon Séjour Home’s style is a delightful blend of comfortable hospitality and playful stylishness. This feeling of visiting a beautifully appointed home is reflected in the store’s name, which when translated from French, means “a pleasant stay.” It’s a sentiment that is almost certainly guaranteed by owner Darren Borror’s thoughtfully-curated selection of home goods and personal accessories that give his store acertain je ne sais quoi.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND On the walls, hang prints by local artists of sunny flowers and comfy domestic scenes. A display of the shop’s best-selling Papaya Art collection of colorful handbags, wall art, magnets, luggage tags, and other accessories explodes off the shelves in a burst of color, sporting the vibrant artwork of Portland artist Anahata Katkin. Nearby, a miniature forest of elegant copper trees decorates a sideboard, the branches sporting one-of-a-kind jewelry. A table set with china by PiP Studio seems poised for an intimate tea party, while another holds whimsically etched glasses made from re-purposed wine bottles, ready for a more raucous affair. Bon Séjour’s offerings are surprisingly easy on the pocketbook. “I firmly believe that the items we sell don’t have to be expensive to look and feel expensive,” said Borror, whose keen eye for design and value has created a collection that is as appealing as it is affordable.

KEY PEOPLE The store’s French-inspired theme has its origins in Borror’s honeymoon to New Orleans more than fifteen years ago. It was there, while touring the historic ante bellum mansions along the River Road with his wife, that he first heard the old-world French phrase that would become the name of his future business. At first he envisioned it as the moniker of a Creole restaurant he could open, putting to work his expertise as a catering chef, but his interests in home design eventually won out. “I have always had an obsession with houses,” Borror said. “I am not sure where that came from, but I do know that I have always been able to see the potential in a room or home.” From that passion Bon Séjour Home was born. Its first iteration was in downtown Lake Chelan, where Borror ran the store for three years until he moved with his family to Kenmore. He knew immediately that Country Village would be a great place to reopen, sensing an affinity with the Village’s eclectic stores and restaurants that cater to locals looking for one-of-a-kind, personal, shopping destinations.

OWNER’S FAVORITE When asked about his favorite item among the bounty of options, Borror is understandably hesitant. “I really have a connection or fondness for the things we carry,” he said, but his first choice is the store’s collection of Tokyo-Milk perfumes, lotions, and soaps. “They are simply awesome products and they are so beautifully packaged.” The vintage-inspired bottles, tubes, and boxes feature blossoming flowers and butterflies and fragrance names like Let Them Eat Cake and French Kiss. Borror’s enthusiasm for the store and its plentiful offerings is obvious, and, like any good host, he gains the most satisfaction from ensuring his guests find just what they’re looking for. Come in, get inspired, and discover the perfect gift the possibilities make for a pleasant stay indeed.


Bon Séjour Home

821 238th St. SE

Bothell, WA 

"“I have always had an obsession with houses,” Borror said. “I am not sure where that came from, but I do know that I have always been able to see the potential in a room or home.” From that passion Bon Séjour Home was born."