Clear the Clutter for New Year

Every time a new year rolls around, it’s inevitable that I’ll get the itch to re-organize my life. Whether it’s cleaning every inch of my space, re-arranging furniture, going through my closet, or all of the above, the new year gives me both the inspiration and the motivation to make changes. And, the thing is… I get the feeling that I’m not alone in this. Right? For most of us, the new year is accompanied by the perception of a need for a clean slate.

As a fashion blogger, I find organizing my closet and clearing the clutter one of the most satisfying elements of a new year. Here some tips.


Go through your closet strategically—item by item—and think about whether or not you’ve worn each thing within the last year. If you haven’t, even if you think you might wear it “one day” (I am so guilty of this), it needs to go. Unless it’s something with meaning like a wedding dress, it’s just taking up space.

Hanger Hack: Start the new year with all of your hangers facing backward. When you wear something, leave the hanger forward from that point on. When next year arrives, it makes it clear what you wore and what you didn’t, therefore easier to say goodbye to certain items.


Once you’ve decided what you’re getting rid of, the following choice arises: to sell or to donate? I like to use an app on my phone called Poshmark to sell clothes, shoes, bags, etc. that are still in good condition. Another option is to try selling to a consignment store like Buffalo Exchange. Whatever is left over I recommend donating to places such as Goodwill, Value Village, etc. All of this takes maybe one or two Saturdays—it’s just a matter of setting aside the time.


At this point, you should be left with an orderly closet, full of pieces you know and love. If you’re lucky, you have a little bit of money in your pocket from the clothes you sold! It’s now time to refresh your wardrobe so you’re ready for the new year.

  • Invest in good basics. Things like leather jackets, nice denim, black booties, neutral-colored tees—all the items you’ll wear consistently!
  • Spice it up with a couple statement pieces. A fuzzy coat, a patterned dress, a colorful pair of shoes—you decide! You’ll be surprised not only how fun you feel but also how many compliments you’ll receive when you dress a little out of your comfort zone.

Happy New Year and cheers to a clean closet!

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"I find organizing my closet and clearing the clutter one of the most satisfying elements of a new year."