As anyone who’s ever gotten a pixie cut can tell you, major hair transformations can be emotional. How can a client be certain that they’re ready to take the plunge?

I always like to live by the motto, “If not now, when?” I believe everyone needs to shave their head at least once in their life. If you are unsure at all, I always recommend starting with shoulder-length hair or a bob to see if you like short(er) hair. Also, the key with a pixie is that it’s a pretty high maintenance haircut. If you are used to coming to the salon only two to four times a year, start budgeting six to 10 times for maintenance.

Do you have any “golden rules” for drastic dye jobs?

Hair color never “washes out” completely. Even if the color is faded, the structure of the hair is permanently altered. If you had at-home hair color in the last five years, we need to know your whole hair history for the best color service possible. Expectations can’t always be met on the first visit, so a thorough consultation is highly recommended.

Fashion colors are fun, but they are very temporary. Three weeks is the maximum life expectancy for the vivids, so make sure you are ready to maintain it at home, or schedule your next visit to keep the colors bright!

Bleach and tones have a rule of finger width, meaning if your new growth is longer than the width of your finger when you place it over the new hair, it’s too late. Your hair can get “bands” where the color doesn’t lift evenly. (P.S.: Hair grows half an inch a month on average, so expect to come in regularly at the five to six week mark!)

Photo Courtesy of Salon Bellissima

Let’s say that a hair client wants to try something new and exciting, but doesn’t want to go too crazy. What would you recommend to them?

Fringe! This doesn’t have to mean directly-across-the-forehead bangs. Shorter facial framing or curtain bangs are still on trend! They are fun and can change your whole look. Each person has a face shape that is suited for different types of fringe. A consultation with your stylist can help determine what suits you.

If you’re wanting to venture into the land of color, a flash foil around your face and/or along the hairline can add a bit of dimension and brighten your natural hair color as well. Remember that “foils” doesn’t have to mean blonde!

What are some of the biggest hair trends you’re forecasting for 2023?

If hair trends follow fashion trends, I can expect that ‘90s trends are going to hit hard this year. Sharp angled haircuts, like the box bob, will make a big wave, as well as the deep side part with slick hair. I’ve heard whispers of the wet look coming back, so stock up on that high shine hair gel! Curly hair fringe has been slowly making its way into the salon as people transition back and forth between a shag and a mullet.

As for colors, warm honey blondes, expensive brunettes, and 50 shades of red are on trend to make a giant explosion in the new year.

Hailey Bieber is always on trend, so expect Gen Z to flock towards her hair color for sure! As for our Bellingham crowd, expect anything that is lived-in and makes our lives just a bit easier in the morning to win the hottest trend award.

Do you have any general tips for someone who’s preparing for a big hair change?

Always ask your stylist what looks good with your face shape, complexion, and lifestyle when you’re ready for a change. We are always excited to make your hair dreams come true—and the more inspo photos the better! 1215 Old Fairhaven Pkwy., Ste. B, Bellingham, 360.715.1052,

"I always like to live by the motto, “If not now, when?” I believe everyone needs to shave their head at least once in their life. - Danielle Nederhood"