At Beck’s Shoes, every customer will not only find shoes that meet their needs but also an experience that is customized just for them. For more than 100 years, this family-owned business has curated a collection of footwear that supports safe and healthy living. 

 The first storefront was established in northern California, but since then, Beck’s Shoes has grown across four additional states including Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington with a total of 20 locations. 

 “It is our greatest hope to help maintain happy, healthy communities by exceeding our consumers’ expectations with our exemplary service, wonderful products, beautiful showrooms, and inspire them to visit often and share their experiences,” says Adam Beck, the chief executive officer of Beck’s Shoes. 


A visit to Beck’s Shoes begins with having precise measurements taken using a double Brannock, a device that takes accounts for not only the length of a foot from heel to toe, but the specific dimensions of the toes, pads, and arches of the feet, resulting in more accurate sizing. 

 Beck says the next step is a complimentary foot scan with the Aetrex iStep machine, which provides additional measurements as well as identifies pressure points. 

 “We believe in blending the tried and true, old-school methods of our grandfather’s shoe shop with new technology to ensure every consumer is getting the most engaging shoe shopping experience that can be offered.” 


The Beck family is originally from Denmark where they started as cobblers before moving to America. Starting in 1919, Beck’s Shoes has been passed down for five generations. Beck and his wife Julia Beck-Gomez , the company’s chief operating officer, are the newest Becks to take over.  


The store offers an abundance of safety designs for both men and women including an expansive selection of athletic footwear, socks, and insoles.  

 More recently, Beck’s Shoes has shifted its focus from solely safety footwear to also including items that support everyday life. 

 “With over 600 footwear silhouettes at any given Beck’s Shoes location, an enormous sock inventory, multiple insole lines, foot care health products, shoe care products,  a beautiful handbag selection with men’s and women’s wallets, topped off with a gift shop selection full of luxury soaps and bath salts, we would like to say we have something for everyone in our lovely shops.” 

 Beck wants to keep customers coming back, not only for the quality of their products but because of the care and kindness they find in the store. By individualizing the experience of each customer, no visit is ever quite the same. 


Blundstone is a popular brand that Beck’s Shoes proudly carries. The Classic #550 is a slip-on boot that comes in walnut brown, black, or moss green. 

 Birkenstock is another popular brand the store carries, with the leather sandal coming in a variety of colors. The Boston design is a clog that provides the same comfort as the suede-lined sandal, with the benefit of a closed toe.