When it comes to blending business and aesthetics, the folks at Makeworth Market have it down to a science. Back in May, the new shop opened its doors to the corner block of East Chestnut and North State, offering the surrounding community an Instagram-worthy gathering place. In addition to serving as a cheerful, welcoming space where people can hold workshops and events, Makeworth also offers an assortment of drinks, treats, and merchandise.

The business is split between four owners—KJ Plank, Mike Gaetke, Michael Borden, and Corey Silversmith—each of whom shares a similar heart for the concept behind the market. Their main vision: to create a place where people can come together, no matter the reason.

“When I was about 15 years old, I spent a lot of time in cafes meeting friends and hanging out,” Silversmith says. “I love the way it made me feel. It was my home away from home.”


Upon taking your first steps in Makeworth Market, you’re instantly welcomed by the scent of fresh ground coffee and the subtle buzz of chatting patrons. The two-story shop is spacious and bright, qualities further amplified by the use of blank space. “We wanted to go with the white aesthetic to kind of make it feel open and airy. To be a bright place in the dark days of the nine months of the year,” Silversmith says.

In similar fashion, the decor is posh, yet delicately dispersed to prevent a cluttered look. From the gold-accented centerpieces to the picturesque photography on the walls, Makeworth offers an elegant and calm space whether you’re studying, working, or socializing.


Apart from their tasty coffee and pastries, Makeworth Market also boasts an impressive list of cold beer and cider on tap, stylish stationery, and a limited selection of clothing and jewelry. With every product found inside the store, Silversmith says they either know or have built a relationship with the makers of said product.

“We want what we offer to align with what we wanted people to feel,” Silversmith says. “We wanted them to know that everything they see, buy, taste, touch, or whatever, is made by someone that really cares about the quality and craftsmanship.”

1201 N. State St., Bellingham
360.933.1678 | makeworthmarket.com

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"The two-story shop is spacious and bright, qualities further amplified by the use of blank space. "