436 W, Bakerview Rd., Ste. 109, Bellingham 

360.746.8056 | facebook.com/soulsistersuniqueboutique 


When asked about the idea behind Soul Sisters Unique Boutique, owner Kim Hoover will tell you that the concept is self-explanatory: Soul Sisters is all about keeping things, well, unique. The shop is a haven for styles that are colorful, bohemian, and free-spirited. 

 “It’s about showing your personality through your clothes, right?” Hoover says. “And some people don’t do that. But I know that there are a lot of people that want to have that freedom to to wear these types of things and feel like they’re having fun in their clothes.” 


Step inside Soul Sisters and you will be immediately treated to a kaleidoscope of patterns, vibrant colors, and flowing fabric. Each piece on offer is one-of-a-kind, but the merchandise is arranged in a way that feels cohesive rather than cluttered. 

 Given the upbeat music and Hoover’s sunny attitude, it’s practically impossible to feel sad while perusing Soul Sisters. The walls of the shop are painted a rich lime green, and the shelves are adorned with quirky décor such as birdcages and candles. 


Owner Kim Hoover has always worked in retail, and she managed Betty Lou’s Downtown Emporium for roughly nine years. Downtown Emporium closed in 2020, but by that point, Hoover had already started dreaming of opening a store of her own. 

 “I had a little sticky note on my fridge that said ‘manifesting Soul Sisters Unique Boutique,’” Hoover says. 

 The pandemic complicated this vision, but Hoover took the leap regardless. She decided to turn her longtime goal into a brick-and-mortar reality. In 2022 and beyond, she hopes that Soul Sisters will become a household name among Bellinghamsters. 

 “My goal is to have people hear the name and go, ‘Oh yeah, I know that shop! That’s a cool shop– you’ve got to go check it out,” she continues. 


Soul Sisters sells an eclectic selection of women’s apparel, accessories, and gift items such as cards and lip balm. Much of what’s on offer can be described as bohemian, but Hoover encourages women of all sensibilities and styles to stop in. 

 “I’ve got all kinds of different kinds of women– different types, ages, whatever– that come in here, and they and they, they always find something,” Hoover says. 


On the day that I met Hoover, she was wearing a faux fur coat by Angie and a flowing dress by Flying Tomato. Both of these items are on sale at Soul Sisters. 

 Hoover is also a big fan of accessories, and the handbags and earrings from Jewelry Junkie tend to be a customer favorite. In the case of the earrings, Hoover says they are popular because they are lightweight without being too understated. 

 “People don’t want those big heavy earrings, but they want to make a statement,” she says. “So I’m just trying to make everybody happy in all the little categories that I have here.”