Athletic leisure wear is all the rage, but what about a functional athletic garment that looks as pretty as your non-athletic garments? What about telling your daughter she can play basketball in a dress? What about getting dirty without sacrificing style? Enter Nuu-Muu, the Bellingham-based company that designs athletic dresses. The company has garnered quite a following of hard-core fans they call Teamsters, and believes women can do anything in a dress. In January, Nuu-Muu celebrated its 10th anniversary, proving they know what they’re doing.

Founders Ashley Fullenwider and Christine Nienstedt used to wear colorful thrift store dresses while cycling. After completing a race, numerous people asked Nienstedt where she bought her dress. She became intrigued with the idea of creating athletic dresses that serve as feminine, yet functional pieces. Nienstedt found a manufacturer to produce a prototype, then brought Fullenwider on board. Said Fullenwider: “In the beginning I had no idea what kind of adventure this would become.”

It all began with the Nuu-Muu No-Pocket dress: a simple cut with a key-hole neckline. Today they also sell a version with a discreet back pocket (Ruu-Muu Pocket Dress), and a version with a scooped neckline (Scoop Neck Pocket Dress). Nuu-Muu supports all sizes and uses descriptors like (M)arvelous for a size 6, (S)assy for sizes 2–4, and (L)ovely for 8–10.

The dresses are versatile, modest, and cute. You can wear compression shorts or jeans underneath, tie your Nuu-Muu for inverted yoga poses, add a long sleeve tee or cardigan for warmth. It’s designed to be worn while active or not. The silky fabric is lightweight, yet thick, durable, and dries quickly. Combine the fast wicking fabric with Enid Wilson’s eye-catching patterns, and you never have to worry about sweat stains. The Nuu-Muu’s only enemy is Velcro, never put the two in a washing machine together.


The company also sells buttery soft, organic long sleeve tees, Huugs sleeves for keeping arms cozy on chilly days, and Mini-Muus for the next generation of athletes. By focusing on only a few products, Nuu-Muu has been able to tailor their designs for the active woman and offer incredible customer support. They love hearing from Nuu-Muu Teamsters. Fullenwider said customer stories “are a big part of why we do what we do.” They even began a closed Facebook Group, Team Nuu-Muu, to let their best customers get insider news like special sales and print release dates.

Ready to say #yesinadress? The Bellingham headquarters opens up for a few hours on Thursday afternoon for shopping. You can also order online or check out the store locator on Nuu-Muu’s website to find a distributor.


1715 Ellis St., Ste. 102, Bellingham

360.392.8368 |

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"In the beginning I had no idea what kind of adventure this would become. -Ashley Fullenwider "