When best friends Tay Griffin and Emily Boevers launched their business back in December of 2019, they had no idea how quickly their sapling of an idea would grow into a fully fledged plant shop. 

Plants for All People was originally intended to be a side business, mainly operating through pop-up events, according to Boevers. The pair went on to rent a booth at the Red Barn Market in February of 2020, but the spread of COVID-19 meant that it was the first and only event.  

Torn over what to do next, the two turned toward e-commerce, launching an online retail platform by April. The business began to flourish.  

“There’s a passion for supporting local business in this town that I think is really special,” Boevers says. “I don’t know that we would have had success in the way we do now, if we hadn’t done it here.” 

What You’ll Find 

The online shop offers dozens of houseplants, from common favorites like the Peperomia “Hope” ($20) to exotic beauties like the “Silver Dragon” ($80). Browse the selection by maintenance, level of required light, pet safety, and rarity.  

Can’t find the perfect plant? The options are rotated and re-stocked weekly, with most plants coming from local wholesalers, and some from the owners’ personal collections.  

Purchase your new plant online and enjoy free contactless delivery within Bellingham city limits, or pay a small shipping fee. 

You can also find accessories like watering cans and misters, macrame hangers, pots, and even plant-themed gifts like stickers, jewelry, and wrapping paper.  

Growing Together 

It’s all in the name. Plants For All People aims to make house plants accessible to everybody, regardless of their finances or experience. The idea came to Griffin shortly after they moved to Bellingham, with their background in social justice driving the business model.  

“I’m really passionate about accessibility in all things,” Griffin says.  

Along with income inequality, the pair also noticed a lack of access to plant education.  

“There’s just a lot of ‘take this home, and good luck,’” Griffin says. “You take it home and it dies. You assume ‘I’m just bad at this,’ and that’s just not the case.” 

You can find plant care information on the shop’s website or on Instagram @plantsforallpeople, along with information on new arrivals and tips from the team.  

Have some money to spare? Plants for All People offers a “Plant it Forward” program, which re-allocates gift cards to other customers who may need them. plantsforallpeople.com  

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