Bellingham’s own Tony’s Coffee has been awarded Macro Roaster of the Year for 2021 by Roast coffee magazine in their November/December issue.  

“This award goes out to a company that sources coffees of superior quality, exemplifies a dedication to sustainability, promotes employee and community education, and demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity,” explained director of sales and marketing at Tony’s, David Yake. 

For this competition, Tony’s Coffee submitted three coffees: two from Ethiopia and one blend called Look for the Helpers Blend. The Look for the Helpers Blend is described as a medium roast that is nicely balanced and has notes of cocoa and praline. But this coffee is about much more than taste.  

“We created the blend during the early days of the pandemic, and we just wanted to give back in some way to the community. And so we reached out to Bellingham Food Bank and we gave 100% of the profits from Look for the Helpers,” says Yake. “In just a few months we raised $5,000, so we’re super, super, grateful for the community and how much they rallied behind that coffee.” 

Tony’s Coffee also won because of their dedication to sustainability within the coffee world. Tony’s was one of the first roasteries in the country to source organic and fair trade coffees, and met the 2020 goal of converting their roastery and delivery fleet to be 100% carbon neutral.  

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