Part 2: How Big Is Your Problem?


L ast time we identified that trouble is measured by how difficult it is to identify its source and how much impact it has on your life. The first three degrees were No Trouble At All, Inconvenience, and Brace Yourself.

Today, we discuss the last three degrees of trouble, the tornado, depression, and irrelevance:

The Tornado: It comes almost out of nowhere and leaves a trail of destruction, but then it’s gone. Like a client or co-worker who has a bad temper who just comes in with little notice, shouts at everybody and just storms off. Feelings get hurt, relationships destroyed and the others are left picking up the pieces, but nothing is permanently destroyed.

Depression: The source is harder to identify and the general malaise starts to affect the morale of the office which could lead to a permanent depression unless you have an intervention. The effort is always draining, and the commitment has to be long-term for a proper solution.

Irrelevance: People who think that nothing else will work because there’s only one way to do it, are infected with a virus that is extremely hard to pin point, but the effect is fatal. If you aren’t willing to adapt, you suffer from the 6th degree of trouble, you will become irrelevant, and that’s the biggest form of trouble.

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