Elizabeth Park Summer Concert Series

The Elizabeth Park Summer Concert Series will be bringing the groove to our summer nights once again starting on June 15. In partnership with the Eldridge Society and Bellingham Parks and Recreation, the free concerts have been a Bellingham summer staple for more than 20 years, said concert coordinator Marla Bronstein. “I live on the park and I remember hearing the music and the families every summer,” she said.

The series features bands every Thursday night from 6–8 p.m. for 10 weeks. The event, held at one of Bellingham’s oldest parks, hosts food trucks but keeps it family friendly by being one of the only music venues in Bellingham to not allow alcohol. “I think is nice for the bands to have the opportunity to play for crowds under 21,” Bronstein said.

The music varies in genre, but is similar in its closeness to home.

Bronstein said she tries to support local bands, usually filling the roster with about 90 percent local artists. About 30 to 40 bands apply for the 10 spots every year, Bronstein said. The types of music are “pretty mixed,” she said. “We’ve had Celtic, jazz, marimba, blues, etc. I try to make sure there is a show for everyone.” While the concerts don’t begin until June, Bronstein has the complete list arranged by the end of February. This summer concert goers can expect to see bandZandt, one of the more popular of the local bands again, alongside newcomers Heroes, a young Bellingham band. Bronstein said she prefers to book bands with not too large of a following to avoid overcrowding the park. Usually each concert draws about 400 to 500 guests, which is just right to keep things moving without chaos. “I’m looking for bands with between 500 and 750 likes on Facebook,” Bronstein said. Picking smaller bands means the artists’ friends and family can attend, and it keeps the event community-oriented. While many come for the music, others come just to spend time with their family or to support their friends, Bronstein said.

1000 Walnut St., Bellingham


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"Bronstein said she tries to support local bands, usually filling the roster with about 90 percent local artists. "