Founded in 1987 by a group of island farmers who wanted a venue to sell their goods directly to the public, the mission of the San Juan Island Farmers Market has remained unchanged for 30 years: “Provide an outlet for agricultural products that are grown, harvested, or processed in San Juan County.” Today, vendors offer an array of locally produced, high-quality goods. Visitors are also entertained by live, local music and can view unique art by local artists.

Known For

A sense of close community ties. This is the event to attend on Saturdays in Friday Harbor. It’s due to the highquality products, friendly and knowledgeable vendors, and welcoming atmosphere.

Northwest Touch

The Brickworks Building itself adds a special Northwest character. It was originally built in 1921 as the Friday Harbor Brick and Tile Company. The building company left its mark on many Friday Harbor buildings during the transition from wooden structures to more fire-resistant and durable brick. In 2013, the San Juan Island Agriculture Guild remodeled the building with a vision of creating a community venue for events and meetings, and that vision was realized with the popular farmers market.

Who to See

Sweet Earth Farm has been vending at the market for two generations. The family-run farm strongly believes in a sense of harmony with nature and sustainable farming practices. (

Ask Guard and Connie Sundstrom of Fir Oak Farm about their grass-fed beef and lamb. Grass-fed meat tends to be leaner and taste gamier than corn-fed meat, so it’s important to sear the meat well to lock in juices.

Stop by Blue Moon Produce to ask about their Waldron Island farm. Since they are located off-island, Blue Moon Produce loads up their boat every morning before the farmers market with fresh produce for market-goers. They strive to conserve resources and practice kind farming.


Snack on some fresh sushi rolls from Rolling Sushi. They source their ingredients from local, organic farms, and family fishermen who follow sustainable practices.

For a one-stop shop, pick up sea salt, honey, and fresh flowers from the San Juan Island Sea Salt stand. Brady Ryan, who makes sea salt from filtered seawater and sunshine, also cultivates honey for San Juan Island Honey. His girlfriend, Leah Wymer runs Bloom San Juan, gathering and selling beautiful bunches of local flowers.

Take home a bag of fresh pasta from the San Juan Pasta Company. Made in small batches using farm-fresh eggs, purified water, and non-GMO durum semolina, these pastas and raviolis will make any meal better. (

The Brickworks Building 150 Nichols St., Friday Harbor

Saturdays: April–Oct., 10 am–1 pm

Winter Market: every 1st Sat., Jan.–Mar.

Opening Day: April 1 |

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"Visitors are also entertained by live, local music and can view unique art by local artists. "