One of the most personal, and hidden, spaces in your house,

the closet is usually the last feature you consider when it comes to an upgrade. Since you’re really the only one going in there, it’s easy to put off. But in the name of self-improvement, and spring-cleaning, maybe it’s time. Sam Drake from Drake Closet Design in Bellingham is an expert on how to redesign your closet with style. Here are his tips and tricks.

Consider Function First

Before the aesthetic of the closet and the storage aspect, look at the functionality to start. Study your own closet. Make notes on what you want it to do. After that, think about looks. A tip: Are you right-handed or left? Arrange accordingly. Drake says people use their dominant hand to reach for items.

Optimize your Space

You don’t want to feel claustrophobic in your own closet. Maximize space with a two-tiered hanging system instead of the standard one-tiered. Drake: “When you double up, you create space and there’s more room for shelves.

Don’t Put Baby in the Corner

One of the biggest mistakes in closet design is to use corners for shelving. That makes shelves harder to reach and limits space. So you’re less inclined to use them. That’s how you end up with a bunch of clothes on the floor.

Meet with a Professional

You knew this was coming. But sometimes you need a neutral party, an objective view, a stranger’s dispassionate look at your personal space to achieve the closet of your dreams. Many professionals offer a free consultation to discuss options, and since each closet is different it can be helpful to consult with a pro.

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"One of the biggest mistakes in closet design is to use corners for shelving. "