One of the greatest tragedies of being lactose intolerant is the inability to enjoy one of the best go-to foods there are—pizza. You can, of course, make your own recipes at home, but there’s nothing that quite compares with going out with friends, ordering a pitcher of beer and a large pie. But thankfully, there are options out there. Sometimes all it takes is asking your server if you can order a pizza without cheese. Other places have dairy-free cheese alternatives on their menus. Some already have specialty pizzas that just don’t need cheese to be delicious. Being lactose intolerant isn’t fun, but that doesn’t mean pizza can’t be.

La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza—You can substitute regular cheese for dairy free, soy free, vegan “mozzarella.”

200 E. Chestnut, Bellingham, 360.647.0060,

Rudy’s Pizzeria— There’s a vegan cheese option in the “Rudy’s Pizza Your Way” section of its menu.

1232 North State Street, Bellingham, 360.647.7547,

MOD Pizza—There’s a dairy-free cheese option when you create your own pizza. Combine it with any of the other ingredients available like pepperoni, black olives and Sriracha.

2925 Newmarket St., Bellingham, 360.746.8563,

Fairhaven Pizza — If you’re in the mood for a little something different that won’t upset your stomach, try the Thai pizza. It’s got a coconut and Thai peanut sauce, a mix of spicy cabbage, veggies, pineapple, garlic, peanuts and your choice of chicken or shrimp.

1307 11th St., Bellingham, 360.756.7561,

Jet City Pizza— You can build your own pizza with a dairy-free cheese alternative.

2323 E. Section St., Mount Vernon, 360.424.2000,

Westside Pizza — Pick your favorite pizza on the menu and just let your server know you’d like it without any cheese.

107 3rd St., Lynden, 360.354.1555,

Pizzeria Portofino — Swap out dairy cheese for a vegan substitute while creating your own pizza. Add in some more ingredients and you’ll forget all about your dairy allergy.

274 A St., Eastsound, Orcas Island, 360.376.2085,