Tabletop gaming fans have a new destination to meet, play, and enjoy some tea! Co-owners CEO Travis Peacock and COO Gideon Jones have opened up the first brick-and-mortar location for their tea company, D&Tea. 

D&Tea was born when Peacock was looking for new avenues to explore after a while of selling Dungeon & Dragons dice at conventions. 

Their teas are blends that lend themselves to the theming found throughout D&D culture, with names that evoke popular aesthetics from the game. Elven Bazaar is a spicy masala chai with heavy vanilla notes, and Underdark & Chill is “a nerdy take on a lavender earl grey.” They currently have six teas total and will soon expand to 14! 

Visitors to D&Tea’s cafe get to enjoy the brews while sitting in their cozy front room or while launching a campaign with friends in their large, speakeasy-style games room, hidden behind a false wall. Access to the games room cost $5 per person per hour.

 “I really love Bellingham,” says Peacock, a Sunnyland resident, “and I think people here want a really comfortable shop where they can play RPGs without the feeling of pressure … to buy games. For $5 you get unlimited tea, access to our library of miniatures, books, dice, and whatever else you need to play.” 

D&Tea still tables at over 40 conventions a year, and they ship tea nationwide for online orders. You can also pick up their blends at local games stores Cardhaven, Pair-o-Dice, and Cosmic Games. 2025 James St., Ste. 103, Bellingham, 844.604.1666,