When you walk into someone’s house for the first time, what do you notice? Bookshelves? A great backsplash? The way the cabinets complement the room? Detail work or “finish” work is often where homeowners provide their creative expression. The tone and style of fine cabinetry, the shape and style of tile work, the gentle curve of a railing—these are details that draw the eye and bring a room together.

There are several ways to integrate or showcase interior details. For example, Eric Fulbright of Vintage Cabinetry uses classic styling and vintage inspiration for built-ins and cabinets that are perfect for a classic look. From a great window seat to glass-front bookcases to beautiful kitchen cabinets, he combines a sense of solidity and timelessness to a room.

When it comes to railings, screens, gates, and other metal work, there is nothing like a hand-crafted, personally fabricated work of art to enhance your home and express your aesthetic. Aaron Loveitt of Altility Art Studio creates railings and other metalwork for entrances, stairways, and other areas. He also fabricates handles and metal fixtures for drawers, garden gates, towel racks, and other detail work. Architectural Elements also creates inspiring metal work and fabrication for the home. A beautifully screened fireplace or graceful handrail can create a bit of unexpected styling, giving the whole room a design sensibility.

When it comes to color and texture, tile is an excellent way to bring in the color theme of the room or highlight a normally overlooked corner. A great backsplash or tub surround can draw a room together and create a focal point. Steve Olson of Archipelago Construction does excellent tile work. “Subway tiles are really popular right now,” he said.

So whether you’ve got a dingy corner to brighten or you want your whole kitchen to be a tile extravaganza, everyone knows that the best part of a remodel or construction is also where the devil lives—in the details.


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"Detail work or "finish" work is often where homeowners provide their creative expression."