Life partners Erin and Tyler founded Hiatus Campers in 2018 based on their love of adventure. The native Washingtonian UW alums met at the campus climbing gym. Tyler, an Industrial Design graduate, had always loved working with his hands. He spent years commercial fishing in Alaska, which also allowed him to develop his fabrication background through use of specialized equipment. After graduation, Tyler and Erin built their first hard-sided pop-up camper and traveled across North America, living out of it full time. They received a lot of interest on the road. After returning to Washington, they decided to pursue building campers full-time and started Hiatus out of a barn in Issaquah, which they converted into a tailored shop. Entrepreneurial Erin led the charge on developing the business and marketing their name online. There was a major hole in the market for a lightweight product that could withstand the PNW weather. Erin and Tyler give a big thank you to all of their wonderful customers and everyone who helped along the way to bring Hiatus to life!

After 1.5 years of R&D and building prototypes, they finally landed on the Hiatus model and received a patent on their design. The first few rigs hit the road just months before the pandemic started. Due to major supply chain issues and limited marketing opportunities, the pandemic nearly ended the company. Fortunately, the outdoor industry was thriving and the young company was able to stay afloat through sacrifices and perseverance. Hiatus was one of the first US companies to make a pop-top on a canopy style camper and the only one to offer a fully hard-sided option.

In 2022 the company moved to Bellingham and set up shop on Marine Drive. They were drawn in by the marine industry, large outdoor community, and friendly people. After investing in CNC equipment, they expanded their production capacity to meet increased demand. In addition, Hiatus recently adopted a 4 day work week so that their hardworking employees can pursue their adventures too!

Hiatus is driven to help folks further their connection with the outdoors by creating a product that can push the boundaries of adventure, without sacrificing comfort. They always look for ways to improve their product, while maintaining high quality. By delivering a product that can take you anywhere, Hiatus strives to support folks in developing their respect and appreciation for the great outdoors.

Hiatus’ unique pop-top is fully hard-sided, insulated, waterproof, and windproof. In less than 15 seconds you can pop up your tiny home anywhere. The mechanism unfolds in one motion, via external struts, making the process super easy. Not only will you be protected from the elements, you’ll get a restful night of sleep, even on the side of the road. They build for any standard pickup bed and any bed length. The base weighs between 450-550lbs depending on truck size. With numerous upgradable features, such as awnings, windows, and electronics, campers are highly customizable. As a small business, they really enjoy the relationships they build and take pride in their ability to tackle custom projects that most mass producers won’t. Hiatus believes travel isn’t a one size fits all solution and they love helping bring someone’s dream rig to life!

Find them online at, on Instagram at @hiatuscampers, or at Facebook at Hiatus Campers.

The team at Hiatus Campers!