Make A Scene WA is a new organization with a simple goal: To empower girls to express their creative voice through filmmaking. The program was founded in August of 2021 by actress and filmmaker Elena Stecca, whose credits include award-winning short films “Brace Face” and “Silent Threads.”  

“I work on crew in the film industry, and I often find myself as being the only woman,” says Stecca. “And so I thought, you know, I love working with kids. And what better way to give a boost to girls and young women by teaching them filmmaking?” 

Make A Scene’s core program is the Storyteller’s Club, which teaches the basics of everything from lighting to cinematography and even directing. As the program grows, Stecca aims to expand her class offerings and make programs available to more girls from marginalized communities. She also hopes to offer classes in schools around the county. 

So far Stecca’s classes have been a hit among both students and the community at large. One student won the Pickford Film Center’s Storyteller’s Seasonal with a film she created in class, and the prestigious CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival serves as the program’s fiscal sponsor. 

In addition to its classes, Make A Scene is promoting its upcoming Family Green Screen Challenge. Participating families will learn how to make a green screen at home, then use it to create a one-minute film. To learn more about Make A Scene WA, sign up for classes, or make a donation, visit