Do you dislike the hassle of camping, but love the serenity and peace the outdoors brings? Would you love a change of scenery, but want to feel safe and avoid crowds? Do you like to feel one with nature, but want to sleep in a comfortable bed at night?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no further than Getaway Skagit Valley cabins in Mount Vernon. Located roughly 1.5 hours north of Seattle, Getaway Skagit Valley cabins have everything you need (and nothing you don’t). 

Getaway cabins come equipped with everything necessary for time away. Each individual cabin comes with a fire pit and firewood, a picnic table, running water, electricity, a small but fully equipped kitchenette, plates, silverware, a mini-refrigerator, a two-burner stove, a comfortable bed(s), large expansive window to nature, a private bathroom with a shower, and even a radio and some books for your perusal.  

Spend your weekend making hard choices like whether to stay inside to rest and play games or lace up your boots and venture farther afield. Should you roast hot dogs or marshmallows– or both? Do you wake up to see the sunrise or bask in the beauty of a starry night? 

My family and I recently ventured to Getaway Skagit Valley and it was the perfect jumping off point for visiting many of the places we already enjoy. We spent an afternoon eating pizza at La Conner Brewing Company, then made certain to stop by The Wood Merchant to pick up some locally made goodies.  

On another day we ventured north, enjoyed a leisurely drive along the scenic Chuckanut Drive, and stopped in Edison for gourmet lunchtime essentials at Samish Bay Cheese and Bread Farm.  

The last day, we had a break in the weather so we spent the morning hiking around Deception Pass State Park. One of the biggest draws of Getaway Skagit Valley is that you aren’t too remote to hike, shop, beachcomb, or do all three. 

When you travel with little ones, it is more of a relocation than a vacation, so the majority of our time was spent enjoying the simple pleasures: The sound of a crackling fire while we cooked breakfast outdoors, settling into soft sheets to read as we heard the rain pummel our cabin, and enjoying a late afternoon game of catch while a pot of soup simmers on the stovetop. Aside from the comfortable, modern, and well-appointed cabin, there is so much to enjoy in the surrounding areas. 

Winter is the perfect time to treat yourself and the ones you love to a little time away to reconnect, recharge and recalibrate. Instead of giving more stuff this Valentine’s Day, create a new tradition of giving the gift of restorative time away. Experiences are the gift that keeps giving, from the anticipation to the time together and then the sweet memories shared after. The gift of an adventure is one of the most thoughtful things you can give. 

How many places can you wake up in the trees, spend the afternoon by the water or the mountains, only to retire to a comfortable bed at night– and do it all over the next day? Stay warm, dry, and cozy this winter as you feel close with nature and even closer to the ones you love. After a couple of nights away at Getaway, you will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and as though you ventured far from home.