Allison Sutherland has another victory under her belt. Voted Best Bartender of Bellingham Cocktail Week 2020, Sutherland beat out competitors from all over Whatcom County, taking home a win for Galloway’s bar. 

The theme of Cocktail Week was “A Cocktail Odyssey,” and participants were encouraged to create drinks inspired by outer space. Sutherland knew exactly what direction she wanted to take. 

She crafted a cocktail with citrus gin, grapefruit cordial, egg white, lemon, passion fruit liqueur, and a slice of dehydrated starfruit with bitters extending from each prong, reminiscent of celestial bodies.  

“People drink with the eyes first, eat with the eyes first, so I wanted to think of something that would look really cool and then make a drink out of it,” Sutherland said.