Garden Centers

1 My Garden Nursery

A full-service nursery in business since 2015, when owners Bill and Jenny Gunderson took over the former Bakerview Nursery property, it offers an extensive list of plants, ranging from greenery for home or office, and outdoor trees. Helpful garden accessories like tools, live ladybugs, and planters help you do all your shopping in one place.

929 E. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham
360.366.8406 |

2 Azusa Farm and Gardens

Azusa is a sacred bow in Japan made from a special cherry birch tree. Owners hope the spacious property mirrors the “simple elegance and quiet dignity” of Japanese archery with offerings like landscaping plants, planters, flowers, seasonal workshops and themed display gardens.

14904 State Highway 20, Mount Vernon
360.424.1580 |

3 Browne’s Garden Center

Part of Browne’s Home Center on Friday Harbor, the garden center at Browne’s sells exclusively organic products. Its staff has 17-plus years of experience and are helpful to newbies with burning questions. They carry a selection of greenery, non-chemical fertilizers, and planting options.

860 Mullis St., Friday Harbor
360.378.1041 |

4 Garden Spot Nursery

The owner of Garden Spot Nursery describes her business as a cross between an English cottage and a rustic horse barn, with tons of plants and plant accessories, of course. Along with their wide range of products, its team is committed to educating customers through various classes and workshops.

900 Alabama St., Bellingham
360.676.5480 |

5 Joe’s Gardens

Joe’s is a well-known Bellingham spot known for seasonal vegetables, stunning hanging baskets, and garlic braids. In March, bedding plants, vegetable starts, and soils will take center stage, along with local culinary products.

3110 Taylor Ave., Bellingham
360.671.7639 |

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"Helpful garden accessories like tools, live ladybugs, and planters help you do all your shopping in one place."