On a small country road near Sedro-Woolley stands a humble building. Aside from the sign, it might be mistaken for a residence. Inside, however, is a luxurious getaway, with rooms that have nearly every amenity. For cats, that is.

The Cat Nap Inn bills itself as a “bed and breakfast exclusively for cats.” But it’s more than that. The cat boarding place is replete with enough services to put even the most anxious cat owners at ease.

Kolleen Fox, the owner and proprietor of the Cat Nap Inn, gives a simple reason why she goes the extra mile for cats: Love. “Cats are the perfect package of grace and beauty,” she says. “Working with cats is a dream come true.”

Fox, a Washington resident since age 3, founded the Cat Nap Inn back in 1999. Before that, she was in the health care and insurance industry, she says, and needed a change. “I wanted to love coming to work,” she said. Now she does.

Cat owners who put their cats up at the inn can choose from a wide variety of options. Suites can feature a virtual aquarium and range in price from $20 to $48 a night for a single cat, with the option to connect two suites to act as a double for a family of cats.

In addition, for an extra fee, cat lovers can choose from a wide array of additional indulgences. These include grooming, bonus snacks, and in-suite additions like a bird-feeder for cats who enjoy the enticement of birds. There’s even an option for activities like “Story and Tea Time,” where one of the five staff members will read aloud to a cat cuddled on their lap, and then serve cat nip tea.

Fox says that cat owners are often shy about asking for such services for the first time, fearing that they’ll be looked at as weird or obsessive. They need not worry, though, she says. They’re among friends.

"'I wanted to love coming to work,' she said. Now she does."