Kitchen Renovation

This 1960s-built home hadn’t had a remodel since the 80s, so it was ready for a facelift. My clients enjoy family, cooking, entertaining and sports—not necessarily in that order. During our first consult, we discussed their desire to redesign with some traditional aspects, but also contemporary flair.

The biggest concern was “kitchen claustrophobia” when multiple people occupied that popular space. An L-shaped sink made it hard to function for couple or family. Plus, the limited area for snacks and seating was an issue during football games. No one used the disjointed living room because of its location, and popular summer barbeques were hamstrung by the small exit and cumbersome setup when carrying plates in and out. Lastly, the homeowners were tired of storing bigger pots and pans in the garage, which prompted a trek each time they cooked bigger meals.

So we raised the cabinets to the ceiling and opened the floor plan, creating a kitchen triangle. We enlarged the entry, allowing visibility and inclusion of the dining room. With floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors, we brought the outside in, giving the space a bright and airy feel without increasing the footprint. The new island, with prep sink, is now the center of attention while helping ease traffic when family and friends are around. All together, the aesthetics and flow are divine for two or 20 people.

The redesign of this kitchen remodel has enhanced the functionality marvelously, allowing several people to not only work in the kitchen but also pass through. With the creation of multiple zones, the kitchen has gone from a cramped workspace to a welcoming, airy room for folks to gather or pass through. The custom cabinets, enhanced by creative storage solutions, doubled the amount of storage. Now every item has a designated place in the kitchen, not the garage. The new, oversized apron sink has been a joy for the homeowners when they are tackling party dishes, and the prep sink has completely improved their preparation. With a busy lifestyle and many friends and family coming and going, they love the quartz counter tops and laminate floor—easy to care for and no fuss.

Aesthetically, the improvements overall are astonishing. The backdrop’s cool gray palette allowed us to introduce a variety of warm tones while keeping the entire space neutral. Our enhancements gave a nod to a transitional styling, with both traditional and contemporary elements. With the new floor plan and current color ways, the kitchen now appears larger in the original space. The idea of bringing the outdoors in with an enlarged entry and new sliding glass doors brightened the area, providing an open and light vibe. One of the favorites in the room is the custom glaze on the cabinets that complements the paint selection as well as the countertops.

Texture and finishes played a huge role during the design process, from the rustic reclaimed wood tops and iron legs on the stools to the gorgeous reflection from the glass subwaytiled backsplash. Each product was selected carefully to add interest without distraction.

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"With floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors, we brought the outside in, giving the space a bright and airy feel without increasing the footprint. "