Lori Hill

In the street markets of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, Lori Hill started intensely collecting art, and has been building her collection ever since. Hill, residing in a home in Bellingham with perfect views of Mt. Baker and Lake Whatcom, is a local artist who works mostly with oil paintings. Her work is on display in Banner Bank, the Art Market in Fairhaven, and in exhibits.
“Art should be chosen because it speaks to you and stirs something inside of you,” says Hill, as she walks through her home, pointing out personally evocative pieces. When choosing art in the home, Hill said the biggest mistake people make is choosing art to match their color scheme and furniture. “Art that evokes an emotion will never go out of style,” she said.

If you love the art that you choose, it will work in your home. There are no rules of which art medium to have in your home, or what style or color, said Hill. If the art piece makes you happy, or leaves you feeling relaxed and tranquil, then it’ll fit in your home.

Conventional wisdom says to match frame colors and materials, but Hill says to do whatever feels right to you. When it comes to placement, art should be everywhere — bathroom, living room, walk-in closet, etc. Hill even has a framed painting in her pantry. If you have the money and resources, buy an uplight or downlight lamp to make the art really pop. If you don’t have access to those resources, work with natural light. How does it look in that area during morning light or afternoon light? Experiment with lighting to see how to best highlight the artwork.
Lost Creek Lane, Bellingham
360.306.8114 | lorihill.fineartstudioonline.com

Jody Bergsma

Art displayed in your home is like your vision board, whether it’s an abstract piece with colors that stir certain emotions, or a landscape that shows where you want to go. For Jody Bergsma, her home and the art on her walls is a vision board of her life goals. Bergsma is a local artist in Bellingham, who from a young age won awards for her art and has now produced more than 1,000 paintings. Her style merges creativity and her love for math to create unique pieces.

“Color affects everyone — it’s entirely personal,” says Bergsma as she walks in her living room where her own abstract paintings are displayed. The reds and blues of the pieces give a feeling of warmth and coziness. When starting a room or trying to find what art to show, start with the color. Bergsma asks herself: What are my favorite colors? Find what colors feel good to you. We live in a region where it’s mostly grey and cloudy, so bringing in colors that feel good allows happiness to bloom in a room. To best illuminate the pieces in her home, she installed track spot lighting on her ceilings. Bergsma is adamant about allowing art to be lit and not put in a dark corner.

If you’re on a budget, and buying art from a local or original artist is really not an option, Bergsma suggests going to a department store like Lowe’s. She has recently seen good canvas paintings there. However, she offers this option: An artist wants you to have their art in your home, so ask if you can pay a little each month, i.e. $100, to work up to the full price of the artwork. Also, by keeping in touch with the artist this way, you get to know the artist better and the art will be more personal.

Don’t pick a piece because it’ll impress others. As Bergsma says, “the home is your sanctuary.” Peaceful and relaxing, home takes you away from life’s stresses. Art can help heal you from the craziness and the chaos. Your home and your sanctuary, she says, “is your piece of art.”
Jody Bergsma | bergsma.com
1301 Fraser St. #A5, Bellingham | 360.733.1101

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"Art that evokes an emotion will never go out of style,"