To begin with, tell me a little about your company and the kind of services you offer.

At Freedom Vans, our mission is to enable the off-grid lifestyle. [Co-owner] Tom and I spent years living from our van (Tom nearly a decade) and we experienced so much freedom in the opportunity. Although some of our clients are not experiencing van life in this way, their vans give them the opportunity to enjoy the activities and places that bring them joy and peace.  

 We offer full van conversions, partial conversions, and small services. Our partial services gives clients the platform to build off while having the electrical, windows, HVAC, walls, floor and bed taken care of. Our small services are limited, and mostly focus on solar/lithium power systems and HVAC installs.   

 Why do you think Sprinter vans have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years? 

It seems like there has been a larger desire for more minimal living and traveling in recent years. Vans are an easy platform to drive around that take low maintenance, yet allow you to bring with you all of your toys, essentials, and comforts. The Sprinter van in particular is popular because it has a high roof model that you can stand in, a 4-by-4 option, and solid mechanics. Our personal Sprinter van has more than 400,000 miles on it and is still running like a champ.

Who is your typical customer (if you have one)?

Mostly people that love the outdoors! I would say that many of our clients are women– our design engineer and myself add a functional yet feminine touch to the industry that is unique to our company.  

 What’s the process like when working with Freedom Vans?

It starts with filling out our inquiry form on the contact page of our website. This gives us the opportunity to better understand what the potential client is looking for and help us assess if we are a good fit for them. If we are, we will schedule an initial phone call to answer questions about our process and company, and then will collect a deposit to reserve their space in our waitlist. A few months before their production date, we will start the design process and put their dreams into a 3D rendering. The next step is to create an itemized estimate, and then we can start building! We have more in-depth information on this on our website.

Could you describe one of your favorite recent projects? Who was the customer, what were their needs, and what was the final result?

So many amazing projects have gone out lately! It’s always hard to choose a favorite because each new conversion has new creative and unique elements, and is so special to each client. One of my recent favorites is probably “Firebird”– I loved the layout and epoxy river countertop, and these particular clients truly became friends through the process and pick-up. We have a few in the works that are dreamy and will probably quickly become my favorites.

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