Hugging the tip of Orcas Island, Doe Bay is a quiet place. The center includes houses, cabins, yurts, a hostel, campsites and a lodge. Offering Vinyasa Power yoga, Nidra and Hatha yoga classes, Doe Bay is a perfect place to pack up your mat and get away. The café serves healthy, delicious food to fuel your asanas. Owners, Joe and Maureen Botherton are welcoming and friendly. Joe came to Doe Bay as a teenager in the 1970s, and had the opportunity to purchase the resort in 2002. The Botherton’s have stayed true to the spirit of Doe Bay, enhancing its qualities as a meditative retreat. Casting themselves more as stewards of a natural treasure than just businesspeople, Joe and Maureen have kept the footprint of the resort small and manageable — and as affordable — as possible. Their website often announces deals and discounts on weekend packages, so watch for those. Doe Bay is also a popular wedding destination, and is equipped with all the amenities needed for a picture-perfect day.

Where to stay
The accommodations at Doe Bay reflect the resort’s light footprint and strong relationship with the natural surroundings. The woods surrounding Otter Cove are dotted with tent campsites. Yurts are sprinkled among the tent sites, with three along the beach. The community facilities are surrounded by guest cottages, and there are guest cottages near the upper baths as well. Some guest cottages have wood-burning stoves and some do not — check before booking. There are also ample car-camping sites, in addition to the yurts and tent sites.

Where to eat
The Doe Bay Café is absolutely worth a trip even if you aren’t staying at the resort. The cafe is in the main lodge and serves fresh, healthy meals, many of which are sourced from an on-site garden and greenhouses. Not only is most of what they serve grown on-site, the café is staffed by foodies who create excellent and imaginative cuisine. Open Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, the café serves breakfast, brunch and dinner. The Executive Chef is Jon Chappelle of Seattle.

What to do
Most guests come as part of a retreat or group event, but families and individuals also enjoy the amenities at the resort. Activities include: soaking in the thermal hot springs, massage, sailing, hiking and regular yoga classes. There’s also a playground for the kiddos, a stage and regular live performances and much more. Doe Bay is also a good starting place for exploring the rest of Orcas Island, which is packed with great activities, including galleries, whale-watching, bicycling tours, sailing, kayaking, fishing, golfing and more.

Getting there
There are a few options for getting to Orcas: San Juan Airlines offers daily flights into Eastsound. Most travelers arrive by ferry, which leaves from Anacortes. Double-check your destination, and make a reservation in the high season (May-September).

"The Botherton's have stayed true to the spirit of Doe Bay, enhancing its qualities as a meditative retreat."