Ask a Pro: Creating the Perfect Christmas Card

Kayla Colburn, Photographer and Owner at Old Growth Photo & Film 

  • Consider a professional Christmas mini session. We love the holidays as they give us the opportunity for holiday-centered sessions! There’s something magical about going up the mountain (if possible) and capturing a couple in love, or heading to the studio and meeting a family for an indoor session while it’s blustery outside but cozy inside. For a lot of families, this may be the only time of the year they get photos done, so it’s a really special honor to be able to capture that.” 
  • Put your heart into it for an iconic card. Authenticity [is key]. I know that sounds obvious, but I mean it. If you are a super goofy person, show that in your photos! If you are more reserved, ain’t nothing wrong with that either … Let your freak flag fly! Truly, whatever that means to you.” 
  • If you plan to take your own Christmas photos, don’t forget to take lighting into account. Time of day is super important! Aim for golden hour (the hour before sunset) if you are taking them outside. If you are taking them inside, sometime in the afternoon in front of a nice window if possible– and turn off all the lights in the room. Either keep decorations simple or go all out.“ 
  • Location, location, location! “Head up to the mountains and get those views, and maybe a little bit of snow. That’s not always possible, so parks are accessible and awesome. Whatcom Falls Park is pretty year round. Vine Creative Spaces NW is a studio in Lynden that is great for an indoor space if you don’t have one. 
  • To keep the peace, a little understanding goes a long way. “I’m a mom to two little boys, one of which is special needs– I know how hard it can be! Have grace with your children. Bring some music that they love, and for the older kiddos … sometimes bribery is okay. Be nice to yourself as a parent.” 
  • Don’t leave out four-legged friends.Listen, furry or scaly– they’re part of the family! This is another thing that we really love seeing. My family just got bearded dragons this year and are looking forward to including them in our holiday photo.” 
  • The final (and possibly most important) pro tip? Have fun with it, this is supposed to be fun! Trust your photographer, you’re investing in their knowledge and skill.Bellingham, 

This is an excerpt from our Classic Christmas feature from November/December 2022. See the previously posted excerpt here.