It’s that time of year again: The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is returning for its 39th year. If you’re planning to see the blooms in person, here’s some fast facts to know before you go: 

 The tulips: 

  • Tulip fields located within a 15-mile radius 
  • 350 acres of tulip bulbs planted 
  • Tens of millions of bulbs in total 
  • Tulips in every color (except blue and black!) 

 The festival: 

  • 350,000 annual attendees 
  • Visitors from all 50 states 
  • …Plus an average of 85 countries! 

 Beyond the tulips, events such as art shows, bike rides, a wild salmon barbecue, and even a parade are scheduled throughout the festival month (April 1-30). For more information, visit