If you’re looking to enjoy a cold one on the beach, head to Blaine’s newest beachfront brewpub, Beach Cat Brewing. Started by duo Darin Hamm and Jake Gobeille, Beach Cat Brewing opened its doors on August 6. It serves a variety of in-house micro brews as well as local drinks, ranging from stouts and IPAs to ciders and wine.  

Beach Cat Brewing is the brainchild of Gobeille and Hamm, who both dabbled in homebrewing before joining forces. Elements of homebrewing have made their way into the current business model, where all brews are made in-house and are subject to the creativity of the brewer. 

“When you are a nano-brewery, and producing small volumes, it’s pretty easy to tweak the recipes,” Hamm says. 

The thing that might stand out most about Beach Cat compared to other breweries, besides its one-of-a-kind beach front property on Birch Bay, is Beach Cat itself. 

“If you think about some of the breweries in town that have great names, some named after mountains and bodies of water and things like that, I think Beach Cat actually kind of comes to life and people can resonate with the cat,” Hamm says. 

The ever-rotating Beach Cat merchandise features various hats and shirts with the colorful mascot, including a cancer awareness hat inspired by Gobeille’s own conquering of cancer. 

During COVID-19, Beach Cat is open from 12-9 p.m. Friday through Sunday, and 3-8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. 7876 Birch Bay Dr., Ste. 101, Blaine, 360.366.8065,  beachcatbrewing.com