This past April, Heather Campbell, the owner of Bow Wow & Woofs pet store in Blaine, lost her dog, Mr. Kerry. While many might buckle under the heartbreak of losing a pet during a pandemic, Campbell was instead inspired to give back to her community.  

To honor Mr. Kerry and ensure that no pet went without, Campbell launched “Mr. Kerry’s Pet Pantry for Pets in Need.” The pantry is intended for those financially struggling to feed their pets during COVID-19.  

“I wanna make sure that no one has to give up their babies because of this,” Campbell says.  

The food pantry is located directly outside Campbell’s store, allowing takers to remain anonymous, and features more than just pet food. From shampoo samples to dental products, Campbell says there’s always something different in the pantry.   

“There’s been incredible support from the community itself, people that can afford to donate and also from my distributors,” Campbell says.  

Because of social distancing, Campbell says pets are more important than ever before. “I am fortunate in that I’ve been such a worker so I still have human contact, but people that are stuck in their homes day-in and day-out, they need their dogs and cats for company,” Campbell says.  

Bow Wow & Woofs is still open five days a week, and Campbell has no intention of slowing down. To donate, Campbell says you can drop off food in person or donate directly with cash. Those in need may simply stop by the pantry and take whatever their pet requires.