The Bow Little Market launched in July 2010 with the motto, “Where the little guy is a big deal.” Held in the Belfast Feed Store, the market caters to smaller farmers and producers trying to get their businesses started, which means new and unusual finds for consumers. They have about 30 vendors to shop from, meaning less congestion when compared to larger markets, perfect for people who want the farmers-market experience without the crowds.

Known For

Specifically made items and small-batch-produced food sold in a community-minded environment. Because of its small scale and focus on smaller vendors, you’ll get top notch service, even months after you made a purchase.

Northwest Touch

Up-cycling and handmade at its best. You’ll find decor made from repurposed fabric, recycled wood items, and repurposed denim turned into bags and aprons. There’s a value on handmade goods right down to the hand-lettered advertising signs.

Who to See

A Man and His Hoe for homemade, fresh, firm tofu, and eggs from arguably the most cared-for chickens in the PNW. The tofu is made from water, organic soybeans, and nigari. The eggs are laid by very happy, free-roaming chickens. They will have the egg-laid date written on the shell and sometimes even the name of the hen that laid them. That’s dedication to a product!

Check out the Spoon Guy’s hand-carved utensils. Allen Berry hand-carves spoons and other utensils from local wood. The result is beautiful, quality serving tools that you’ll be hesitant to cover in marinara sauce.

View the colorful yarn from Schoonover Farm on Fiber Day (August 24) and during the Harvest and Holiday markets. Donna, the owner, raises her sheep and goats on her Skagit County farm. She uses all natural dyes to obtain just the right hue, then sells the skeins to enthusiastic knitters. (


Berries from Bow Hill Blueberries. If it’s not the season for the sweet nibbles, pick up some of their organic blueberry jam, sauce, and even chocolate covered berries to snack on. The latest: cold-pressed heirloom blueberry juice.

Enjoy a cup of coffee from Mae-B-Market. Owners Bill, Gilda, and Deborah Gorr roast organic beans that arguably make the best cup of coffee in the area. That’s quite a review for Washington.

Beautify your space with a house plant from A-n-A Farm, or pick up one of their dog-paw stepping stones.

Belfast Feed Store 6200 N. Green, Burlington

Thursdays June 1–Aug. 31, 1–6 pm

Opening day: June 1 |

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"You'll find decor made from repurposed fabric, recycled wood items, and repurposed denim turned into bags"