While dog and cat owners have a plethora of pet shops to choose from, lovers of more exotic species have had limited options in Downtown Bellingham– until now, that is. Kementari’s Creatures is a locally-owned pet shop specializing in reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians, and Owner Ed Curtis says its newest location is officially open for business. 

“I really got into reptiles about eight years ago when I was a school teacher, and I had a menagerie of animals in my classroom,” Curtis says. “I decided to leave teaching, and about three and a half years ago, I opened up a shop in Mount Vernon.” 

Despite being a Bellingham resident himself, Curtis chose Mount Vernon to avoid infringing on Clark and Hohl Feed and Seed, which were both destroyed in a 2019 fire. When the owners decided not to rebuild, Curtis realized there was a void in the community and leapt at the opportunity to fill it. 

Going forward, Curtis hopes to hold educational events for kids in the new space. He is passionate about proper animal care and specializes in providing animals with enclosures that are as natural and humane as possible. 

“These enclosures right here are little ecosystems,” Curtis says. “And that’s kind of, in my opinion, the best care you can give these animals.” 

Headed to Downtown Bellingham soon? To visit Curtis and his menagerie of creatures, you won’t have to search hard: The Kementari’s storefront is adorned with a hard-to-miss mural of unusual animals (painted by Shawn Cass). Bellingham,  207 E. Chestnut St., 509.607.6971, kementariscreatures.com